I want to share just one of the many opportunities of teaching in our own country, since our last newsletter. I was recently given the blessed privilege to teach the new and revised version of the study workbook entitled ‘Redeemed to Worship’. It was so amazing to see the church absolutely packed, with both the members and many visitors, for two ’45 minute’ sessions each evening! You can know that ‘God’s answered your prayers’ for this conference, through the personal testimony of the week from the heart of this precious pastor. Pastor Philip Guay of Providence Baptist writes, “ ‘ The Redeemed to Worship’ series could not have come at better time; both in the life of our church and in my own personal life as well. Bro. Ed took us on a guided tour, (all totally rooted in Scripture), of what it means for God’s people to ‘truly and acceptably worship Him’. God graced Bro. Ed with a special unction to preach the Word, throughout the entirety of those 11 sessions! The manifest evidence of the special presence of the Holy Spirit was keenly sensed by all. Many of both our congregation and visitors were under deep conviction and correction, as the biblical standard of a ‘life of authentic and acceptable worship’ was held high before us. The Spirit empowered my dear brother Ed in such a way, that the Word of God thundered from our pulpit each and every session! All of our people and the many visitors responded with a powerful demonstration of the love and appreciation for this servant of God. We look forward to the time when Bro. Ed can return to us, to take us through another one of his workbook series.”


The following testimony is from one of the other pastors, who was in attendance at the institute. He is a former Muslim, who was converted to the Lord Jesus Christ by simply reading the New Testament. He has been in the evangelical ministry for 14 years. Read his personal testimony of what the Spirit of God wrought in his life during this week. “Thank you for all of your teaching to the many pastors and church planters who attended your recent teaching in India. I am totally speechless, while writing this letter to you. For I have no adequate words that can truly express my thanks for the truths that I have heard. The Lord created an exciting environment of hungry enthusiasm for learning His word. This teaching produced an insatiable appetite in all of us, to grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord, in this vital matter of doing evangelism God’s way! Our Lord employed these essential truths to make many corrections in my own evangelistic message, methods and motives. I am sure that this will result in a mighty extension of God’s kingdom in India. I have been in the ministry for almost 14 years, teaching and preaching the word of God. But now, I understand that there have been a number of errors that have been contaminating both my life and my evangelistic ministry. But I truly believe that God has appointed the right person to come to me, at precisely the right time. This is why I am so grateful to God that He sent you to our nation of India. Sir, our Lord and God has used you to turn my life and my evangelistic ministry from ‘error’ to ‘example’.

Sir, I must confess that when I began to attend your first class on the first day, I was really offended. I thought, ‘I will prove this man to be wrong, when he gives me an opportunity to ask the questions, later on in the week.’ But as I continued to listen to your teaching, I came to the personal realization that I could not prove you wrong. For all of your teachings were totally founded upon the sound doctrine of the scriptures. Everyone of my bundle of questions were totally cleared up. The Holy Spirit corrected me, concerning a multitude of errors in my evangelistic ministry. I discovered that both my evangelistic message and my methods were all ‘man-centered evangelism’. Consequently, I was operating my evangelism in many grave errors. Oh, but now I understand that evangelism should be ‘Christ-centered’ in its message and totally biblical in its methods. Bro. Ed, I can honestly testify that I have been turned from ‘many errors’ to the truth of God’s instruction manual. All that I can say is, ‘thank you sir, for bringing the clear light into the blur of my evangelism’. In spite of your health issues, you still took on the challenge to come to India and teach all of us. It was a tremendous expression of God’s love toward all of us. I assure you that your pain will not go to waste. I will give my best to teach ‘Christ-centered Evangelism.’ My focus is now to produce an accurate ‘Hindi translation audio’ of the entire teaching of ‘Christ centered Evangelism’. Furthermore, I am committed to distribute these copies throughout the entirety of the northern part of India, through CDs and social media. Please keep me in your prayers. I am determined, by God’s grace, that my people will hear these lifetransforming truths!”

Oh dear brothers and sisters, your prayers and support are a vital part of these precious opportunities. The “Christ-centered Evangelism” workbook has now been translated into its 4th Indian language. Please pray for the new opportunities that God is giving to teach this study in new states within India. Because of my health issues of late, my dear brother Raj, (whom I had the opportunity to train in Christ-centered Evangelism), taught this same study in Siliguri, in my stead, at the 2nd institute. He has sent a number of testimonies of the Lord’s working in pastors’ lives during that week! I will have to share some of those in the next newsletter.