April 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I confess that my schedule has been filled with ministry and family events. So, this newsletter is a little late in getting to you. However, as always, the Lord's schedule is right on time, and He is mightily at work. His marvelous workings over these last few weeks have caused me to ponder on Psalm 8. As David considered the glory of the Lord in this Psalm, he was awestruck. Then, in exclamatory praise, he begins to sing, "O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth, who have set Your glory above the heavens!" Then, as the Psalmist continues contemplating the glories and wonders of His work, David's mind turns to man. As if in utter amazement, he sings, "What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You visit him?" Friends, this is where my heart is presently. I am in awe, with wonderment over the immeasurable glory of our God. This has caused me to meditate about how it can be, that out of all of His glorious work, He would be mindful of man. But He is mindful of us and repeatedly expresses that truth over and over again. As I share these updates in this newsletter, I trust that you also will be renewed in awestruck wonder of our great God and the Lord Jesus, the Son He has sent.

What Is Man That You Are Mindful of Him!

 For months, I have been sharing the progress of the Christ-Centered Evangelism manuscript. Well, IT'S HAPPENING! I joyfully announce that Christian Faith Publishing has accepted the manuscript for publication. The projected release of the book is six to ten months. The publishers were excited about the topic, its biblical content on evangelism, and how it continues to be globally taught. It will be available in paperback, eBook, and even an audible version. The contracts are signed, and the editing and design work has begun.

There is no other explanation for what is occurring but God. The Lord has so graciously moved me along every step of the way. He has led me to precious brothers and sisters in the faith to give me guidance, advice, and encouragement. Without reservation, they have willingly offered their time, wisdom, and constructive instruction on this work. Additionally, the Lord has used many of you who have prayed and given toward this task. Thank you for desiring that these truths remain available for the gospel's sake. Already, I have received requests from Kenya and India, offering to translate it into their languages, as well as in Spanish.
 While working on the material and shopping around for publishers, my prayer was, “Lord, I need you to guide me. Prepare me for whatever you have for this material and me. Knowing you control both, please remind me to rejoice whether you permit rejection or acceptance. Guide my steps to know what publisher to contact and shut the door if I am to wait. I asked for God's favor to be known no matter the outcome."

Then, one morning in my daily devotional time, I read I Samuel 1. As I read Eli's answer to Hannah's prayer, I began to weep and rejoiced. Eli said, "Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him." Hannah responded, "Let your maidservant find favor in your sight. So she went her way."
Upon reading those verses, I was reminded that nothing had changed for Hannah, except now, she had a settled peace that, however the Lord deemed to answer, it would be right and good. Therefore, I asked for God's favor to be able to receive whatever He deems to be correct, not knowing how or what He desired to do in this matter. This time, God answered in the affirmative. This is God's glory being put on display. This manuscript is about His work, carried out His way, for His glory. His light is shining brightly.
Now, precious prayer warriors don't cease praying for this book. Pray for the Lord to use this teaching to further the gospel. Pray that people will be quick to repent in any area of worldly thinking and actions and place their confidence in the power of the gospel. Pray that these truths will ignite the hearts of believers to be on mission with the Lord. Pray that people who read this book will recognize if they are truly born from above or if they are deceived concerning the condition of their never-dying souls. PRAY!
It is easy to get caught up in the unbelievable happenings in the United States. There is little doubt that we are under judgment, as Romans One describes. However, for the believer, there should be no cause for alarm or dismay. Our God is on the throne, and He is at work here and around the world.
Thank you for being such a vital part of how the Lord works worldwide. I am so thankful that, as co-laborers in this ministry, we have been granted the privilege to help our brothers and sisters in Christ. Your willingness to pray and give makes it possible for us to help others share the Good News of the Gospel. The following are a few words from one of our ministry pastors in India. Most of you are familiar with Bro. Bimal, and the ongoing work among his people. The following is a report on his most recent conference with young men.

Bimal shares: "We held the youth seminar at Ujuda Baptist Church. Fifty-seven young men attended the seminar. Due to the cold and untimely continuous rain, many who had committed to come could not attend. We could not cancel the program but had to continue. I am grateful to the church for opening this door of opportunity by providing accommodation. Rev. Satish Pani helped me in teaching. Once, Rev. Pani was my student while I was teaching in a Bible School! Now, he works with me at times. I believe the young men were blessed by this seminar.

The conference's theme was –'I will be different and shine for Jesus', based on the life of Joseph of the Old Testament. The Gospel tracts from Ed Lacy Ministries were distributed for the outreach program. Now, these young men will distribute these truths to their non-Christian friends. Another seminar will be held soon for those unable to attend. Also, please pray that my wife will have the same opportunities for ladies in the coming days. Thank you for your support and prayers as we minister.

Next, is a testimony from Raj Eleazar. Again, most of you are acquainted with Raj, the evangelist who worked diligently alongside Ed on many occasions in India. This young man has taken up Christ-Centered Evangelism and is traveling to many cities and other countries with these biblical truths.

Raj communicated: "His time spent in Kolkata teaching Christ-Centered Evangelism went on so well. God is doing amazing things here in Bangladesh. I also had further opportunities to teach men in other places. There were around 200 plus youth and leaders to attend the 3-day conference. The pastors, leaders, and evangelists who attended gave wonderful feedback of what the Lord was doing during this time of training and evangelizing."

"Also, I shared this evangelism study in a couple of the churches in Bangladesh. The people were thrilled to learn these truths. They realized they had been evangelizing using human methods or using wrong motives. Most of their messages were need-centered as their focus." Raj continues by saying, "That he was able to direct them from scriptures what God's work, doing it God's way, for God's glory looks like."

He continued to explain that there is a dire need for training and teaching them in further days. He asked us to kindly pray that he could travel back again and do some training in this part of the world. He stated, "The Christian percentage is .30% in Bangladesh. Many leaders and evangelists are attempting to do the work without proper training in the word. I met many pastors, leaders, bible college teachers, and principals who saw the scope and their need for correct biblical training."

Raj asked, "Kindly pray for this part of the world, which is poverty-stricken both physically and spiritually! These men are willing to emerge and take the lead. They can excel with proper guidance and biblical training." Bangladesh is a new country that has been opened for this ministry to share the gospel, and Raj has ventured into that country for the first time.

Again, "What is man that our Lord would be mindful of him." It is incredible to see how the Lord our God continues to use this material to train and equip the saints and evangelize the lost. Also, remember, Raj had Christ-Centered Evangelism translated into another new language in December of last year. Raj wanted to convey to our co-laborers, "How thankful he is for Ed investing in his life. But also, I am thankful for the continual support from you to help continue the ministry God has assigned to me." He closed by stating, "This is my desire to take Christ-Centered Evangelism to the ends of the world so that we can once again do evangelism the biblical way, where Christ gets all the glory."

How Excellent Is Your Name

The Lord is not only at work in foreign fields; He is working here at home. In most of the country, it appears that the line is being drawn and more defined than ever in our churches, revealing if they stand upon God's word or on the side of cultural correctness. But I am thankful that many are standing on the Word of God, no matter the cost. Several are faithfully teaching God's word and seeing spiritually growth in their people. Some of these same churches are using the gospel tracts, studies, and workbook series Ed compiled and taught. This week, I received a marvelous report concerning these things from Bro. Craig James, Director of Missions in the Jonesboro, LA area.

Bro. Craig had previously taught a group of leaders for several weeks using Christ-Centered Evangelism. Most recently, he has been teaching another biblical study from Ed entitled, ' Redeemed to Worship.' He shared that he had completed seven sessions, which averaged 60-80 people each Wednesday night. His response was, "WOW! What an amazing study on worship." Friends, prayerfully, these truths will cause each born-again believer to worship the Lord in spirit and truth and transform lives. Believers are redeemed to worship our risen Lord in spirit and truth. What a privilege that has been given to those who belong to Him!

Thank you!

Thank you for undergirding this ministry and me, personally, with your prayers, love, and generosity. I hope you have gained a glimpse from this newsletter of what a significant part you are to everything the Lord continues to accomplish in and through this ministry. Your faithfulness has been a stalwart gift to me during this time. Your words of encouragement, notes, and phone calls have been a great source of support and have been like a rallying call for me to press forward until the work is completed. The Lord of Glory is using your supportive hands and compassionate and giving hearts to continue this work. Thank you for your love for the Lord and for souls.

I pray these testimonies that speak of what the Lord is doing will cause you to reflect again on Psalm 8. When you consider that the Lord allows us to know Him, work with Him, worship Him, and be known by Him, you too will say, "What is man that You are mindful of Him!" As you consider HIM, the Lord of Glory, you will comprehend more deeply why David begins and ends this Psalm with the same refrain;

O Lord, our Lord. How excellent is Your name in all the Earth.


Because He Lives,

Diane Lacy