Distribution of Ed’s Study Materials

We are already receiving request for Ed’s Bible Study materials and Tracts. He has many studies and sermons available for us to continue to use in the spread of the Gospel here and around the world.

Ongoing Monthly Support of Pastors - Church Planters and Missionaries and the Support of Young Men Who Have Been Called To Go

Using your prayers and financial support this ministry has been able to support these men and their ministries for several years. These are men and ministries that we have worked with in the past and know that they are being faithful to their call and truly men of integrity. All of them will give an on-going account of how the support is used within their ministries. Helping our brothers and sisters around the world is vitally important. Presently, we are witnessing what happens in these other countries, will always effect in some way what happens here and around the world. Most of these men live in very difficult places and have suffered much for the sake of the gospel. Additionally, our desire is to continue to come alongside of young men who have been called into full-time ministry, to help financially and in the biblically nurturing of our future leaders, using Ed’s materials .

Weekly Devotions of Ed's Studies on Facebook

Beginning the 2nd week of April, we will once again be posting Ed’s devotionals on Ed Lacy Facebook and also on the Ed Lacy Ministries Facebook page. This has been a great tool of reaching 1000’s with the Word of God.

Ongoing Outreach to the Mission of Hope and The Home of Grace For Men

Several young men, whom Ed had been discipling, teaching and taking with him as he ministered, have made a commitment to carry out these weekly and monthly outreaches, using Ed’s teachings to reach the lost with the gospel.

Discipleship and Teaching Women

Dianne will continue to teach ladies in Bible Studies and Ladies conferences, as well as training in one-on-one discipleship. She will also be carrying out the daily administrative work for Ed Lacy Ministries, as she has always done.

Quarterly Newsletters

Newsletters will contain information of how the materials are being used and dispersed. Spotlights will be giving on the foreign mission field workers and their on-going ministries and words from different partners participating in the ministry.

Ed Lacy Ministries, Inc. will remain as a 501 (3) C non-profit, where all donations will be tax deductible. Contact information with all addresses and phone numbers remaining the same.


Thank You!

These two words, ‘Thank You’, are so simplistic yet so profound. However, how can they possibly convey my gratefulness for you during this time? The support that my family and I have received through Ed’s sickness and home-going, has been such a sweet testimony to us and so many onlookers. In fact, through these events of this journey, we have received reports from several individuals, which say they are examining their lives concerning their souls. Some, are evaluating their lives, on how they are spending their days, who have seen from the Celebration of the life and legacy of one man, which was sold out to His Lord and Savior; and how the Lord used him in the furtherance of the Kingdom,

Friends, you who have been co-laborers with us on this gospel assignment, have been a huge part of everything the Lord has done. We have been very blessed to be surrounded with such prayer warriors, such love and care and such passionate people who desire for the work of the Lord to be carried out. My heart is so overwhelmed at all the Lord has and is continuing to do. For those who truly knew Ed, knows that he was willing to spend and be spent for the sake of the Gospel. My earnest desire is to live with that same motivation of heart, soul and mind; to Love the Lord with all my heart and be ready to follow Him in whatever He has for me; and be willing to spend and be spent for the sake of my Lord and my Savior. I pray that this same desire will be birthed into your heart during these difficult times in which we live. Until our Lord returns, may He find us faithful to His Call.

Once again, thank you for every kindness, cards, gift cards, phone calls, texts, visits and especially the prayers and words of comfort and offers of help. There are so many ways that you have reached out I cannot even name them. Please know how much it has meant to me and to the rest of our family. My love and prayers for each of you, continues to grow.

Because My Savior Lives, Dianne Lacy

March 2022 Newsletter

Dear Co-laborers in Christ Jesus the Lord,

This will be the most bittersweet newsletter I have ever sent to you. As we had shared with you in our January letter, Ed was diagnosis with Covid-19 Pneumonia. The virus quickly and viciously attacked his lungs. Even though Ed would spend weeks in the hospital with the last few weeks being in ICU, none of the treatments were able to help him. Throughout this journey, until the last few days, the doctors continually expected his lungs to respond to these treatments and begin to expand, for all of his other vitals were remaining strong. But, Ed knew the entire time that his lungs were worsening and not improving. Prior to being taken to ICU, they had coupled him with different layers of oxygen, which hindered him from being able to speak. He resorted to communicating to us by writing notes. One day, while in distress and in great weakness, he calmly signaled by hand that he was rapidly digressing and wrote the following:


So many of you, throughout the United States and on foreign fields, joined us as we prayed for Ed to be healed from this cruel virus. The Lord truly used this time to put many of us on our knees seeking His face in this urgent time. Of course, my earnest desire and the desire of our family, friends and co-laborers, was for the Lord to raise Ed up one more time from his deathbed, as our Lord had so graciously done several times over the past few years. However, both Ed and I knew that we must pray rightly concerning these things. I shared with our children and friends that we do come to the Lord with our request; however, we must submit Ed and ourselves to God’s will in this matter and not to ours. I continued to convey that Our Father alone knows the future; and He alone knows what His plans are for Ed and for us. So, I had to lay my will along with my beloved husband down at the feet of Jesus, and commit myself to accept what His will would be in this crisis. For I know in whom I have believed and I trust that my Lord and my God does only what is right and what is best. Friends, God’s will was done! Our prayers were answered! For our Father chose to give Ed, not just another temporary healing here on earth; but, He gave him his perfect healing and brought him home to be with His Savior and Lord, face to face in all of His glory.

Many of you know, Ed has had many physical issues since suffering from Guillian-Barre from the flu vaccine years ago. However, my dear husband never allowed those physical issues to deter him from serving and loving the One who had given him Eternal Life. Never did Ed shy away from his call of being an Evangelist. Often he would write to you saying, he would go anywhere, anytime, at any cost to carry out the mission that God had given him to do. He was faithful to do that to the very end. We were privileged to be with him when he passed over to the other side. As we did often during those days at the hospital, we would read scripture to him and/or play one of his favorite songs. That night, Josh, our youngest son, chose to play, ‘NO MORE NIGHT’, a song Ed had sung on many occasions. As the song was playing, my dear precious husband’s spirit departed from that weaken, frail body, in perfect peace, as if he was experiencing the truths of the song. How thankful I am that I was able to be with him throughout that time.

Now the reality of all that has transpired is setting in on us. Grieving one you have loved so dearly is a very tough thing to go through. My heart is broken and my mind still reeling as I attempt to grasp the finality of his departure. Even now as I type out this newsletter, my heart is pounding and tears are streaming down my face, for I miss him so. But, we do not sorrow like those who have no hope, as Paul states in I Thessalonians. For we know that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus, when He comes again. So precious friends, Covid-Pneumonia may have been the immediate worldly cause of these things that we are suffering; but ultimately, it was our Almighty God, the One whom Ed loved and served so faithfully, that called him on February 27,2022 to his eternal home in glory. Friends, the Lord is truly so faithful for He is holding me up day by day, in His Righteous Right Hand; for Ed’s departure to his new home has not altered ‘Who God is and What God does’, one iota.

Oh, what a blessed woman I am, to have been the wife of this precious man. I will forever be thankful for the Lord giving me the privilege and the opportunity to be Ed’s helpmate in life and ministry. He was true to his callings, as a faithful and loving husband, a nurturing father and provider for our family, a doting and compassionate grandfather, a caring friend and a passionate, doctrinally sound Evangelist, full of light and heat, for the sake of the Gospel.


Many have asked, “What is going to happen to Ed Lacy Ministries?” Well dear friends, Ed Lacy Ministries was never about the man, Ed Lacy. From its inception in 1983, it has always been about the God of Ed Lacy, which had saved him and called him into the Gospel Ministry. Therefore, Ed Lacy Ministries will continue to press forward.

As I have prayed and sought godly counsel concerning these decisions, I have considered Matthew 11:12 & Luke 16:16. This was the time of the imprisonment and soon death of John the Baptist. The enemies of God as always, were out to hinder or trying to stop the gospel from going forth. In the case of John the Baptist, the very forerunner of Jesus the Messiah, he would face opposition in an attempt to stop the message of the gospel. Most of the Pharisees had sold out to the world as they were seeking the approval of man and not of God. They were false teachers who were leading the people into the wide-gate of counterfeit conversion, which leads to an eternal hell. They were more concerned with their outward appearances rather than the condition of their hearts before a Holy God. Thus, the Lord called them hypocrites, whitewashed sepulchers full of dead men’s bones. John the Baptist came preaching repentance and the remission of sins; and the religious leaders hated him and his message. At that time, these religious leaders along with the worldly leaders would hear the message and they wanted to stop the message and suppress his ministry. But it was never John the Baptist’s ministry! It was the ministry of the God of John the Baptist. The same is true today. A ministry that belongs to God continues to go forward.

This has been a great reminder and motivation for us that the mission of God is to continue to press forward until He returns. What will stop the gospel from going forward dear friends?

  • Diseases and unknown viruses
  • Death of a Loved One who was faithful to the call
  • Destructive Wars and rumors of Wars
  • Defiance of authorities and of our moral values
  • Defection of ones who were once leaders of the Truth

No, dear friends, no event or person can stop the Kingdom of God’s Work. The Gospel presses ahead relentlessly. The Lord of the Harvest is going to build His church! The faithful ones will be preaching the unadulterated truth of the Gospel, as is written in His Word; and people will be pressing, relentlessly unto salvation, through the narrow gate of true conversion, just like Jesus responded to John the Baptist in Luke 16:16.





The following is a word from the consensus of all of our Board of Directors, written by Craig James.

“Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died. His eyes were not dim nor his natural vigor diminished. And the children of Israel wept for Moses in the plains of Moab thirty days. So the days of weeping and mourning for Moses ended. Now Joshua...” (Deut. 34:7-9a). Moses was called and used of God in a mighty way to lead the people of Israel. Bro. Ed Lacy was a Moses in our day. God called him and used him in a mighty way as an Evangelist, Teacher, Discipler, and Mentor for thousands of people around the world. We have grieved and will continue to grieve his passing. His life and death was in the Sovereign hands of our Lord. God called Bro. Ed home; but, his life and ministry will continue. Bro. Ed invested his life into preaching, teaching, and sharing the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

We will greatly miss our dear brother in Christ, but we can be assured, according to the Word of God, that he is home with our Lord. He is with the ONE who loved him, saved him, and called him to ministry. He is with the ONE whom he served faithfully until the end. Bro. Ed ran “his race, finished his course, and kept the faith.”

Now, as Moses died and God called Joshua to step up and lead His people, we must continue to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Lord will faithfully raise up men, as He is already doing, to carry on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Our Lord will continue to use the sermons, workbooks, and tracts from Ed Lacy Ministries. We do not want to see this work diminish, but rather increase to the entire world. We want all the pastors and missionaries around the world, which are partners with Ed Lacy Ministries, to continue to receive support and help from this ministry.

Therefore, we ask you to prayerfully continue to stand with Ed Lacy Ministries. Friends, we have witnessed that through your love, your generous giving, your prayers and your faithfulness to our Lord have blessed thousands upon thousands. We thank you so much for co-laboring with this ministry. The work must go on until Jesus returns. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is our only hope for mankind. Bro. Ed is home, but his work here on earth will continue to bless many around the world. We hope you will join us in that great work.
In Christ as His servant, Craig James – Board Member

A Tribute to Ed Lacy

Written by Dr. George Wafula Director of Kenya Ministries Training Institute

In 2005, the Lord had my path cross with our late brother and friend Ed Lacy. My brother-in-law, Bishop (this is the title for their pastors) Fredrick Mulei, had invited me to attend a leadership conference in his church in Bungoma where Ed was speaking. It happened that they didn’t have anyone who understood American English to interpret for him. I was requested to do it for Ed for four days. During that time our hearts were joined together, and we hit it off so well and became close friends. Together with Bishop Frederick, they requested me to translate all his teaching workbooks from English to Swahili, which I did joyfully.

Brother Ed stated coming to Kenya every single year to do pastors’ conferences in different cities like Bungoma, Nakuru, Nairobi, and Kitale at the KMTI Campus. I served as his interpreter every single year he came. Ed joyfully paid for the travels, meals, workbooks, and other expenses for all the pastors who attended. These life-changing conferences were always packed with over 600 senior church leaders from different denominations. On many occasions we had a difficult time stopping some leaders from attending Ed’s meetings due to limited boarding spaces. We had people travel as far away as Uganda, Congo, and Tanzania to attend his meetings.

Ed was such a seasoned expositor and teacher of God’s Word. If you attended on of his meetings, you didn’t want to miss the next one.
Brother Ed left behind a permanent impact on this continent that will not be erased for a long time to come. Although he suffered from neuropathy and was always in constant pain in his hands and feet he never allowed that health situation to slow him down. During our first meetings in Bungoma, Ed stayed with my brother-in-law in his village house that had no electricity or running water. We used to walk with Ed for several miles on a dusty road from the house to the meeting place, and he would preach with such joy and never complained. Brother Ed Lacy served his Lord and Master with passion, and he inspired so many people who came to hear him.
Ed strongly believed in KMTI and what we do. He sponsored several students and me every single month. I remember in 2009, he helped me to buy my first car that became so resourceful to my ministry. What a soldier and what a friend he was. We thank God for his life, ministry, and friendship. May the name of the Lord be praised! - Dr. George Wafula