March 2023 Newsletter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus,

As we approach the celebration of Resurrection Sunday, I rejoice in my Risen Savior. Over this last year, since the passing of my precious husband, the resurrection has become a more precious reality in my heart. Since we have a Risen Lord, who is always mightily at work, carrying out His plans and purposes, we have assurance and hope in this life and our home above. For this reason, I would like this newsletter to be a source of encouragement to you, our co-labors in the faith. How I thank the Lord for your faithfulness to partner with this ministry. Seeing how the Lord continues to open doors and provide in the carrying out of this ministry is an incredible, yet humbling, blessing!

Using the life of Rahab from the book of Joshua, I taught on this topic at the ladies’ event for Rainsville Baptist, Rainsville, Al. That morning we were graced with having a great turnout, a delicious breakfast, and sweet fellowship. There seemed to be great receptivity of the word of God, as I focused on the value of one life in the hands of the Lord.

Many think they are too young or too old for the Lord to use them in His work. Some feel their work is menial, insignificant, and too small to make a difference in His Kingdom. Others feel unqualified because of their sinful past, uneducated, or their lack of training hinders them, and they will not be effective in His work. Rather, we are to focus on what the Lord can do and find our worth in Him, confidently trusting that He will work in us to accomplish the work He has for us.

This is how the Lord works. He takes the unworthy and makes them worthy, for He has placed a treasure in that earthen vessel. He chooses the unqualified; then qualifies them by giving them the Holy Spirit. He takes sinners (which is all that He works with) and through repentance and saving faith transforms that sinner into one of His saints. Friends, no assignment from the Father is a small and irrelevant work. He is working out His plan and then graciously allows us to join Him in this work. The value of one in His kingdom is an amazing thing for the one whose life is surrendered to Him. This is encouraging news for you and me!

Bro. David Cofield, the pastor of Rainsville First Baptist, had planned a month-long emphasis on the parable of the Prodigal Son. Bro. David and his wife, Roxanne, have been dear friends for many years, so he was very aware of our testimonies. So, he contacted our daughter, Benita, and me about taking part in this outreach. His purpose was to hear from Benita, who once had been a prodigal child, but later came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Then my assignment would be to speak from the aspects of the parents’ journey through that time. Even though I readily admitted to once being a prodigal, so, I could identify from both sides of that coin.

David preached on the first Sunday of this month’s theme, using the text of Luke 15. The following Sunday, Benita shared of being a prodigal, then the next Sunday, Bro. David interviewed me about those many years, and how the Lord worked in our lives through it all. Evangelist, Phil Waldrop, who proclaimed a gospel message, concluded this special emphasis. A couple of weeks later, Roxanne called and told us that the Lord was encouraging and strengthening many during that time. Also, the Lord had been convicting others revealing they had never been converted and was bringing them to saving faith. Friends, this is encouraging, for our God is at work.

Benita humbly shared of running from the Lord and her parents, in rebellion, going her own way. The Lord would remind her of scripture she had been taught and begin to convict her of sin. Then she spoke of the hope that came to her when the Lord pursued after her, and by His mercy and grace saved her soul. She testified of the truth of Ezekiel 36, because the Lord took away her stony heart and turned it into a heart of flesh.
Bro. David ask if he could write something about these two Sundays for the newsletter:

He writes, Our church (Rainsville First Baptist Church, Rainsville, AL) was recently blessed to have Mrs. Dianne Lacy, wife of Ed Lacy, and their daughter, Benita Bussell, with us for a special emphasis on “The Prodigal.”
God had placed on my heart to have this emphasis and we were extremely blessed to have these two ladies share their stories. Benita shared her powerful and moving testimony to our church about her days as a prodigal running away from home, wanting nothing to do with her mom and dad, and living in rebellion. But then God got her attention and turned her life around to where she could not get enough of being around her mom and dad; notwithstanding, the dramatic story of how afterward Bro. Ed gave her a coat, then a ring, next a pair of shoes, followed by taking her to an elaborate steak dinner. After these things were completed, then telling her to go home and read Luke 15.
The next Sunday, Mrs. Dianne shared her life as the parent of a prodigal. Oh the wisdom God graced our church with through her testimony. While admitting they were not perfect in their dealings with Benita, they did take a hard line of not enabling her which God used to bring Benita to the end of herself. Additionally, Mrs. Dianne shared that through all of this, God wanted to bring her and Bro. Ed to a new level of trusting God no matter what they were going through.

In the end, our church gave them a standing ovation to express their appreciation for their ministry among us. Then the altars filled with people praying for God to do a work in their own lives.
We also had the opportunity to have Mrs. Dianne for a one-session Women’s Conference on Saturday, during which she taught “The Value of One” with a powerful teaching on the life of Rahab.
I highly recommend that any pastor or women’s leader prayerfully consider having Mrs. Dianne and Benita in your church. Many families are dealing with the issue of prodigals and their ministry is well-trusted to help. Blessings, David O. Cofield, Pastor

Afterward, Bro. David posted the following statement in their church’s newsletter. He wrote: “The glory of God was so evident this past weekend as I heard of tremendous reports from the Women’s Conference and its great attendance. Then her sharing Sunday as the “Parent of a Prodigal” was wisdom to take to heart no matter what one is going through. God is always interested, (top- Priority) of changing us to trust Him more, no matter the situation.

Friends, I included his words in that last paragraph to bring glory to God, for it is only by His wisdom and strength enabling us, produces any spiritual work. The Lord does use everything in our lives, good and bad, to conform us into His image. I was reminded of a treasured truth in Elisabeth Elliot’s book, ‘Suffering Is Never for Nothing’. She said, “I am convinced that there are a good many things in this life that we really can’t do anything about, but that God wants us to do something with.” The more life happens, the more I realize that this statement is true. One of the cries of my heart is for anything the Lord allows me to go through, I will desire for Him to do something with; thereby He alone gets all the glory. Friends, the Lord wastes nothing! This is encouraging news.

Just a footnote: I highly recommend this book. It is a great resource.

An exciting new opportunity has been presented related to foreign fields. Recently, a pastor in Louisiana contacted me and told me of this possibility. A Thailand missionary couple he was meeting with conveyed of their great need for biblical teachings and training material. He shared about Ed’s available material. Thereby, pray, for there is a possibility that these Biblical teachings will be translated into another language, for the equipping of the saints and the proclamation of the gospel. The Lord is at work in this world. This is indeed exciting news!

In addition, the reports I receive from our pastors’ work in foreign fields are incredibly uplifting and convicting. They work in such remote and difficult situations, but are filled with joy and gratefulness. There is abundant fruit flowing from their labor. While we often emphasize a ministry on foreign fields, in keeping our focus on the ‘Value of One’, I wanted to update you on some ministry work that continues locally.
For this reason, I asked a couple of the young men Ed was discipling to share how the Lord’s work continues to bring forth a harvest. This does illustrate the value of one, who is surrendered to the Lord.

First, a testimony from Spencer: He is one of the young men Ed taught and equipped as he took him to ministered alongside him. Spencer has been called into the ministry and graduates in May; heading off to Master’s Seminary in July. Recently, he shared about teaching a one-on-one Bible study with another young college student. They were studying through Ed’s workbook on the Beatitudes. As they progressed through the study, the young college student begins to realize he had never come to Jesus on His terms. But this young man has been converted through the power of the Word of God and the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. As Ed often said, “Time will tell if it is a possession of faith and not just a profession of faith.” However, the evidence appears to reveal that he is a new creation.

This is just one among many testimonies of how the Lord is working through Spencer, along with several men that was in this group. They minister weekly, several times a week, in drug and alcohol rehabs and frankly to anyone that will listen. What can one man do? Much, when they surrender their lives to the Lord!

Secondly, Collier, another one of these young men, gives testimony. He refers to this as a small piece of the continuing ministry from Ed’s investment in his life; they call it, “Edventures”, because Ed taught and lead them in this work. I will only focus on one portion of his testimony. Collier wrote, “Ed poured his love for the lost and his passion for Biblical teaching into us, his unworthy companions, who have since found opportunities to utilize Ed’s teachings in personal discipleship ministry and bible study groups.

During those nights spent in the field of Gospel ministry, we saw the value of Ed’s teachings as they presented Gospel Truths to men from all different backgrounds, mental capacities, and education/reading levels. Not only were the starving souls of broken men fed and nurtured, but, those who were recently converted, being young children in the Faith, were so heavily impacted by the clarity of the teaching and the compassionate ministry bestowed on them.

Since his passing, we have preached through his workbook on the ‘Beatitudes” multiple times, and also implemented it for personal discipleship. Presently, I am meeting with a group of 7-10 men in a gym early on Wednesday mornings to study the prayer series, “The Biblical Path To An Effective Prayer Life”. This opportunity began in January of 2023, by witnessing to one man in the gym where I go to work out and I offered to study the Bible with him. Other men heard of it and joined us in this study. The edifying selection of scriptures, gospel oriented messages and brilliant teachings points provided in this workbook have directly influenced the repair of a marriage, planted Gospel seeds into the hearts and minds of lost men, and produced opportunities as the scriptures instructs, for iron to sharpen iron, as men pray for each other according to the Will of God with fervency and persistence. (Collier) THESE THINGS ARE ENCOURAGING!

Oh precious, faithful friends, I hope these things have encouraged you to recognize the value of one life. As a co-laborer in this work, you have a part in these testimonies. Your faithfulness, prayers, and love for souls and missions, for this ministry and me, undergird this work. Our loving Lord continues to provide the support needed for the work on foreign fields; and offer these ministry tools for teachings, workbooks, and tracts to churches and individuals. The Lord multiplies His work, using His people to carry it out. I pray you will see how valuable you are in His Kingdom. I pray you rejoice greatly in the Resurrection of our Lord!

He is Worthy,
Dianne Lacy

October 2022, Newsletter

The Secret of Abiding - Ladies Retreat

I am writing to you in the days prior to teaching for a ladies’ retreat. It will be three days filled with activities centered on the word of God. Our theme for the retreat is, ‘The Secret of Abiding’, with the sub-text being, ‘Who Do You Look Like?’ Over the last couple of months, my heart and mind continue to be drawn to these truths, which are found in John 15

This began as I was praying and preparing for a new ministry opportunity in our home church. As with so many churches, several programs and ministries waned during the Covid epidemic. Our pastor had a burden, along with some of the other women of the church, to start a new Ladies’ Ministry. The pastor asked if I would pray about taking on a leadership role in this undertaking. I knew this was an open door to share and teach the word of God. This fresh outreach has been met with great enthusiasm from the women and several of them have stepped up to take on leadership positions. So it has begun, and I am more than thrilled and thankful for this privilege.

As I prayed about what I should teach to introduce this ministry at our first gathering, I kept going back to John 15. Upon studying this chapter in John, I I realized as usual that His word was more for me than for anyone else, as I focused on the Secret of Abiding in the Vine. What a precious reminder of this tremendous truth, that if I abide in the Vine, (Jesus), He will abide in me. If we just grasped this truth for our lives, it would be enough to carry us through any of life’s trials and temptations, wouldn’t it? This is a grand and glorious truth, which belongs only to those who belong to Him. Furthermore, He will bear His fruit on the branch that is abiding in Him. What a promise! Oh, the thought, that my life can be a displayer of my Lord’s, being a conduit through which His life flows to produce His fruit! I am overwhelmed by this truth. Additionally, He continues by saying, the one who continually abides in Him, He increases His fruit. Notice the wording, He takes us from fruit to more fruit, and even to much fruit.

How is this possible? It is possible for this reason; within the vine, there is everything the abider needs to bear His fruit. It is all Jesus; and without Him, we can do nothing. We are to be a branch, which stays so intimately connected to the Vine, that it becomes sturdy enough to display His fruit. Then anyone will be able to recognize what kind of Vine it is.

Oh, the secrets of abiding as a branch in the Vine! The abider is given the privilege of displaying the fruit of overcoming obedience to His word, possessing a deeper and more powerful prayer life, an overwhelming pouring out of His love, and a confident, comforting, joy, just to mention a few. This fruit is His life flowing through His branch, which will begin to look more and more like the vine

During this time of heavy grief, it has been such a blessed source of encouragement and strength to be reminded of this great gift of abiding. Grief is such a shadowy and mysterious emotion. It can be described in a hundred different ways, yet, daily catch you unaware of its continual presence. I liken it to a type of subtle wind, which is always stirring about me. It doesn’t take much for the wind to increase into a little dust storm that begins to spin around in my heart. All the wind needs to intensify is a simple memory; a picture, listening to a song, cooking a familiar meal, or passing by a certain place, and especially difficult is special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Each one can heighten the wind dusting over the ground of my mind and heart. No matter how small or how large the incidents may be, at times that wind can suddenly spawn the swirling dust storm of emotions into a turbulent tornado. That vortex can easily draw up a whirlwind of emotions.

Yet, it is in these times, I become even more aware of my constant dependence upon the Vine. Oh, the blessed assurance of leaning more and more into the Vine, which is strong enough to handle any storm that comes against it. It is here where the grief can turn the loss into sweet and precious memories, and cause thankfulness to rise up in my heart and mind. Then the wind that begins to blow is now the wind of the love of my Lord and the joy and comfort of my salvation that remains for me to dwell in. Therefore, I know from where my strength comes from. I must be abiding in the Vine, for then I know that He will abide in me. Jesus, the faithful One, will produce His fruit, bringing good from the storms of life. Besides this, dear brothers and sisters, we are told in verse 8, “By this My Father is glorified that you bear much fruit, so you prove to be My disciples. What a privilege to be part of His Vine!

Spotlight on Missions 

South Africa - Mario Maneville

Let me introduce you to one of the pastors this ministry supports, Mario Maneville. Bro. Mario is one of the pastors and church planters you are investing in through your financial support and prayers. This is also one of the ministries, which is attached to the HeartCry Mission Society. Several months ago, I requested that Mario give us a few details of their ministry work so you would be able to get more familiar with their outreach endeavors. Unknowingly, HeartCry Mission Society had also chosen Mario’s ministry to be highlighted in their latest magazine edition. This is an obvious verification that the Lord wanted people to be vigilant in praying for our brothers and sisters serving in a very dangerous environment.

This ministry is in the middle of a dangerous community. Instead of moving away, they have chosen to build their church among the people. They are shining lights of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of this great darkness.

Not only do they combat the evils of gangs and drugs, along with all of the other immoral acts that are involved with this type of lifestyle, they also must combat doctrinal defilement. The false doctrines of the prosperity gospel have infiltrated so many nations around the globe. Many readily receive these deceptive teachings because they offer false hope. Such false teachings can never produce sound results. Therefore, Mario is passionate about training and equipping pastors, especially those from Pentecostal and charismatic backgrounds. He is convinced that the clear exposition of God’s Word is the only means to free people from heretical movements. His great desire is to see healthy, gospel-driven churches planted in poor communities throughout the townships of the Western Cape and South Africa.

Bro. Mario in describing his purpose for having healthy churches, says, “Healthy means Holy”. A healthy church is a church that pursues holiness. This healthy vision for the church includes investing in the discipleship of men in the word of God. Then monthly they have begun a 3-hour men’s prayer meeting. Even though this church is known for it’s evangelistic zeal, one month out of the year is dedicated toward corporate evangelism.

Mario shares about such a move toward holiness. He states the following about a member who had been in open sin, “This was heart-breaking for the whole church. Several members tried to win this member back but to no avail. The situation was brought before the church twice before it became clear that the only recourse was ex-communication. This was a very sad thing for the church. But I rejoice in the Lord that He is at work in our church and even now He is pursuing that member. We continue to pray that the Lord will grant repentance.”

Also, this is a ministry of Evangelism. With a heart to reach out to their entire community for Jesus, they bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. They reach out to gang members, drug dealers, prostitutes, and the deserted young people. They faithfully preach the gospel on Sundays praying that the Lord will bring sinners out of the darkness and into His marvelous light! But they also go into the streets and in homes with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because of precious people like you, Mario has been able to add a pastor to help in the area of Evangelism. His name is Theodore and he is an evangelist in their Gospel Worker Program. Mario adds, “He is such a help to me and an encouragement to the church. I love his zeal for the Lord and for the gospel. Theodore has an amazing testimony of saving grace. He was a part of a gang before being saved from his sin. Fifteen years ago he had shot a man more than ten times and left him for dead. However, the man survived. Now fifteen years later, Theo had the opportunity to ask that man for forgiveness and share the Gospel with him. That man, still limping from that encounter, responded by asking Theo to conduct a weekly Bible study with him. Theo wept as he told me how grateful he is for God’s grace, that not only spared him from taking this man’s life, but also, that God would work in such a way that this man would forgive him and then give him the opportunity to disciple this same man through the Gospel of John on a weekly basis.” Now friends, that is amazing grace.

It is amazing to see the diversity in their outreach efforts. They have an ongoing ministry to the poor and abandoned ones. A new ladies’ ministry has begun meeting once a month, along with small groups meeting weekly for discipleship study. Additionally, they have a senior wellness program. A Teen-Girl program has been instituted to teach the young women what a woman of God looks like. They are praying that the Lord will grow the Women’s Ministry in holiness and zeal for Him.

Mario also desires to equip men in the church training them in the word of God. He says, “I am convinced revival tarries, because the church is not desperate enough for it. Revival tarries because men, who are called by His name, are still busy playing with the selfish toys of little boys. It is time for us to man-up and to grab hold of the horns of the Alter until our hands bleed and God rends the heavens and comes down. I praise God for men who are willing to heed the clarion call of prayer.“

Church Ministry Reaching the Lost

 Mario is the teaching pastor of Reformed Faith Mission Community Church in Belle South, Cape Town, South Africa. This is a culturally diverse and dynamic gospel- driven church. He is also the Mission’s Coordinator for Heartcry Missionary Society, as well as the S. African Cohort Leader for the Church in Hard Places Apprenticeship. He is passionate about training and equipping pastors for the work of the ministry.

Teaching Ministry

Our church is located in a poor suburban neighborhood having only a few middle- income households among them. Belle South is notorious for gang violence and is rated as one of the most progressive gang-infested areas in the Western Cape. An outbreak of gang shootings, drug deals, prostitution, and other crimes are a norm in this community. Due to the high levels of drug and alcohol abuse, the community has a low mortality rate and high arrest numbers, leaving a large amount of the youth to raise themselves. This has resulted in the youth joining gangs and prostitution rings as early as 12 years of age. Therefore, our aim is to reach our community for Jesus.


As a pastor, Mario leads his flock in the preaching and the doing of God’s word. Recently, Mario was willing to put his own life on the line in dealing with a gang issue as he attempted to help someone get out of a gang. Through much prayer and nothing less than the protection of the Lord covering him, his life was spared. Being willing to be involved in this critical matter, it gave Mario an opportunity to share the gospel in the midst of a den of thieves and murderers. This could have possibly been the only time these lost men would ever hear about Jesus. This is one of those times when we will probably not understand how the Lord used His truth. One thing is evident; it has built up the faith in the lives of many of the children of the Living God.

Additionally, Mario and his church are faithful to reach out to the family of God. As you read this next story I have chosen to share with you, I pray it will encourage you as it has me. Mario tells of a young 24-year-old lady that came to Cape Town to stay with her sister, during her 2-month break from school. She had the same dreams as most young ladies, ‘finishing her studies, getting a good job, finding Mr. Right, and getting married’. However, during her visit, she began to experience some health issues complaining of stomachaches. She was diagnosed with stage- 4 cancer. Naturally, I went to visit with her and preparing myself to be met with high emotions and the ‘why me’ questions. But I will never forget that first conversation. I found her to be calm and full of confidence in her sovereign Lord. She said, “When I came to the Cape I had no intention to stay. But then I started attending the church and the Lord saved me. I was taught about the God that is sovereign and that we should do all things for His glory. If He has decided that I must get cancer, then it is for His glory and I am okay with that. I know I am still young, but why not me? God is in control of this.” She suffered and endured so much great pain. As I held her hand she told me, “Pastor, I am suffering for Christ, I want to suffer well. I am suffering for His glory.” That day, my wife and I stayed with her, and as I left I wept that she was in such pain, but more than that I was weeping at the wonder of God. Now, she stands in His Presence. This is amazing grace!

Please Pray for the Upcoming Opportunities

  • October 27-29........Ladies’ Retreat – Baptist Retreat Center – Elberta, Al
  • Weekly Bible Studies and Discipleship of Ladies
  •  Ladies’ Outreach efforts in November and December
  • Ongoing work on the book of Ed’s Material – This task is going well. I am working diligently toward this project. I have been receiving great counsel in helping me move forward on this venture.
  • We are posting Ed’s devotions on Facebook both on EdandDianne Lacy and Ed Lacy Ministries Facebook pages. We are receiving great feedback, especially from the ministry page.

Thank You!

In this newsletter, I have highlighted just one of the ministries, which we partner with. With your gifts of love, prayers, and financial giving to Ed Lacy Ministries, we are able to reach others around this globe with the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. I stand amazed at the grace of God, which continues to enable us to be a conduit of assisting in His kingdom work. Mario and the other pastors that we join would love to thank all of you personally. But we will probably have to await heaven for those introductions. Until then, I pray that these words about the work going on in South Africa will strengthen your walk with the Lord. We are on a mission with our Lord, and the gospel needs to be heralded here and abroad. However, I can honestly testify, I am so thankful for you and your willingness to be co-laborers with this ministry. I cannot begin to express to you what a blessing you have been in my life and the lives of others. Thank you for loving the Lord and for your love and care for me throughout these days. The Lord has left us here dear friends for such a time as this, dear friends. Let’s strive together toward the mark of the high calling.

Because He Saves,

Dianne Lacy

The Faithfulness of God knows no Bounds!

I, too, along with these precious servants of the Lord, stand amazed by your steadfast partnership with this ministry. Please know it is because of your concern, prayers, and gracious giving that enables us to continue to move forward in supporting pastors like Mario and Fredrick. I have communicated with these faithful servants, explaining that as long as our Lord continues to keep this ministry operative, we will continue to be faithful servants for His Work, done His Way, for His Glory!

Also, I want to thank you for your ongoing prayers for my family and me. Your thoughtfulness, notes of encouragement, and phone calls are such a blessing. I need your prayers and I cherish your friendships. The task of completing the writing of the first book from Ed’s studies is underway. My precious husband had started on this writing project; but did not complete it. I have committed to completing this massive undertaking. However, I realize I need the Lord’s guidance and wisdom, to carry this project to completion. Moreover, I recognize the need for your prayers to undergird me through this endeavor. Many of you have already been so encouraging to me about this project. Therefore, I know you will be prayer partners with me through this mission.

My heart is filled with thanksgiving for you and your heart to join with us, for the sake of the gospel. I can only express it, as did Paul in his letter to the precious saints in Philippi. “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you always in prayer making request for you with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel, being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Please continue to pray for the Lady’s Bible Studies, which I teach on Sundays when I am home. In October, I will be speaking for a ladies retreat – 8 sessions over the 3-days. I have not yet settled on the topics we will study.

Again, I would like to mention the devotions we are posting on Facebook. I encourage you to join us and invite others to read them also. They are such an encouragement and a great tool for growth.

Next newsletter we will once again spotlight one of our pastors, as well as a book nook.




Next, notice these precious words from our brother and friend, Frederick of Kenya. Frederick is a diligent worker and was suchScreen Shot 2022 08 09 at 5.47.14 PM a servant to Ed on his many trips to Kenya. He writes, I am so much humbled to hear that you and the entire Ed Lacy Ministry partners are willing to support
me. Indeed, I am very much grateful. I have been also praying for you that God will keep you and strengthened you after the loss of your husband and my friend and mentor, Ed Lacy. This loss affected me very much. I had great love for Ed and his ministry. His teachings have made me, and my ministry, understand in depth about God’s mission to mankind. I learned about true happiness and what is the eternal life. These teachings impacted me, and my ministry. It made me to see that my fellow pastors and church-planters had to hear them and move away from the false gospel of material prosperity. Indeed, God moved and hearts were touched and lives changed, glory to God. Though Ed Lacy is gone, his legacy will live among us forever. Thank you once more for the support. May God bless you abundantly! Fredrick

God is Faithful to open doors of opportunities!

Through your love, prayers, and continuing generosity, the Lord continues to open doors of opportunities. This is also a way of God’s faithfulness being manifested among us. Since many of you have shown your commitment to remain co-laborers in this ministry, we have been able to supply:

  • Gospel Tracts - Several churches are using the tracts from this ministry in their outreach endeavors. We always suggest that churches label them with their own information on the back of each tract. This way, any interested individual will be able to contact them freely. •
  • The pastors, church-planters, and missionaries laboring in foreign fields, as well as within the United States with needed funds. In addition, we have provided resources such as: the printing of gospel study materials, tracts, bibles, food, and travel expenses for those who are continuing to teach and train others. These men have a desire to continue using Ed’s bible study resources in their training and equipping of others.
  • The workbooks and help with study bibles in the drug/alcoholic rehab facilities.
  • Aid Students as they prepare for the ministry.
  • God is Faithful to open doors of opportunities! Through your love, prayers, and continuing generosity, the Lord continues to open doors of opportunities. This is also a way of God’s faithfulness being manifested among us. Since many of you have shown your commitment to remain co-laborers in this ministry, we have been able to supply: • Gospel Tracts - Several churches are using the tracts from this ministry in their outreach endeavors. We always suggest that churches label them with their own information on the back of each tract. This way, any interested individual will be able to contact them freely. • The pastors, church-planters, and missionaries laboring in foreign fields, as well as within the United States with needed funds. In addition, we have provided resources such as: the printing of gospel study materials, tracts, bibles, food, and travel expenses for those who are continuing to teach and train others. These men have a desire to continue using Ed’s bible study resources in their training and equipping of others. • The workbooks and help with study bibles in the drug/alcoholic rehab facilities. • Aid Students as they prepare for the ministry.
    Of course, this is just a sampling of how the ministry has been answering the call to be on mission with the Lord. However, in mentioning these, I in turn want to encourage you. I want you to be aware of how your gifts and prayers are being used and multiplied in so many areas. These supplies and help would not be availed to others, through this ministry, without the Lord stirring your heart for missions; and then your willingness to cooperate with Him.

    I always receive the blessings of hearing from our fellow brothers and sisters in the faith. These laborers of the Lord had assumed since Ed had passed into glory, the ministry would cease its work. But these men have been overwhelmed by your steadfastness in this gospel work. They always express their heartfelt gratitude and love for your prayers and your gifts. Since you don’t get to read all of them personally, I have chosen a couple of correspondences for you to read. As we have often expressed to you, we have made sure that these ministers understand, that we are merely the conduits through which others give toward the work of the ministry. Please continue to pray for these ministries.

    Screen Shot 2022 08 09 at 5.43.31 PMFirst, this is from Pastor Mario, from South Africa. [I plan on putting a spotlight on this ministry in our next newsletter.] He writes, I am humbled by God’s grace and grateful for your support of me, and our ministry. I am thankful knowing that the help that comes from your ministry is not just monetary, but also spiritual. I am reminded by the Apostle Paul’s plea, “You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.” (2 Cor. 1:11) Prayer is real, practical help! Thank you for your financial support. God knows how much we need it, but even much more than that, I am thankful for your prayers. God knows how desperately we need such help! With deep gratitude, Your brother, Mario