Our Heavenly Father has extravagantly bestowed the funds that have been necessary for ministry, enabling us to be a channel of blessing to scores of pastors’ and church planters’ conferences, ongoing financial support of church planters and Gospel workers on four continents, numerous constructions of church buildings for needy church planters in third world nations, and basic supplies of food and water. In every opportunity afforded to us, we have as our primary goal, to be pleasing to the Lord, as the seed of the Good News of the Gospel is scattered in every outreach.

Oh, precious friend, our God has accomplished all of these things, through His faithful people whom voluntarily, joyfully, and bountifully support this ministry with your love, your intercessory prayers and your financial gifts. The promise found in 2 Corinthians 9:6 stands faithful. – “He who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully”. This elementary and indisputable precept declares that the spiritual harvest is directly proportionate to the amount of seed sown. Brothers and sisters, the eyes of this itinerant preacher has seen a magnanimous spiritual harvest in 20 nations, in the lives of untold thousands of people, because of your love, prayers and ‘grace-giving’ to this ministry. Almost daily, I receive testimonies, by phone, email or Facebook, of ‘lasting spiritual fruit’ in the lives of numerous pastors, church planters and believers, which are directly connected to your partnership with this ministry. Dianne and I are acutely aware that, each gift that you have given to this ministry is primarily offered to God, for the extension of His kingdom and the magnification of His Son! Beloved ones, please know you are loved!

Thank you for your faithfulness in all of these things. The way you have partnered with us on this journey is no small matter. You are such a blessing to us; and you have made friends and increased your spiritual family through your love, your prayers for us and for others, along with your faithful giving toward these outreaches. You have been such a tremendous source of encouragement to us, as well as a great testimony of the love of God that has been shed aboard in your hearts. We are looking forward to that soon-coming day, when we will worship the Lord and the Lamb together forever in glory. But until that day, may we all declare together, “Thanks be to God for HIS UNSPEAKABLE GIFT”!


“Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.” Friends, the Lord continues to use your intercessory prayers and your gifts of love to this ministry, to bear much fruit for the magnification of the Savior! Many of you have faithfully stood with us, on the ‘front lines of this spiritual warfare’ in 21 different nations in this world. Our mighty Commander has employed your love, your prayers, and your financial gifts to enable this soldier to go on the offensive into enemy territory, in both the evangelism of the lost and the edification of fellow soldiers in the army of the Lord! Our hearts overflow with gratitude and love for each one of you.

Dianne and I realize these days have been very difficult for everyone. Oh how we need to pray for one another! Several of our precious co-laborers have suffered greatly during these long months of uncertainty. Some are grieving from the unexpected loss of their loved ones, others are presently in a battle with life- threatening illnesses; and some families are facing challenges with their jobs and incomes. This unprecedented time has also been difficult on many of our pastor friends and their churches. They have encountered situations which most have never had to face before! So please know, we are praying for you. As all of these circumstances encumber our lives, they are being used to make us more aware of our frailties, and prayerfully, causing us to see the answer to our great need is found in the Lord.

There is no doubt in our minds that these days are surreal! But, precious friends, we have a God who is seated on the Throne. More than ever before, we are convinced that the Lord has left us here, during these unusual and evil days, “For Such A Time As This! He has His soldiers in their needed place; and He has not left us without our Spiritual Armor. In our weaknesses, He is our Strength! In our sorrow, He is our Consolation! In our confusion and lack of understanding, He is our Wisdom! In the time of conflict and affliction, He is our Refuge and our Help. In the middle of the storms of life, He is our Peace. We can fight the good fight of Faith, because we have a Commander that is Victorious.


I am also extremely grateful for the new ‘foreign door’, which the Lord has opened to me within the nation of South Africa. In July, I am scheduled to teach the 2nd conference among these brothers, whether in person or by Zoom and Facebook Live, (that remains to be seen). The leaders of these conferences are indigenous church planters, who are under the umbrella of the Heart Cry Missionary Society. The opening words of their mission statement ring truthfully and powerfully in my heart, “When considering the worthiness of any missionary endeavor our three greatest concerns should be doctrine, integrity, and practice. DOCTRINE: The Great Commission is not about sending missionaries, but about sending God truth through missionaries. INTEGRITY: Those who preach the gospel must adorn the gospel with their lives. PRACTICE: The Scripture determines strategy—proclamation, intercessory prayer, and sacrificial service.” These dear brothers in Christ, who are organizing this 2nd conference, are filled with ‘light’ and ‘heat’. I consider it to be a tremendous privilege to serve among them. Also, I will be teaching ‘The Armor of God’ series, as well as the ‘Redeemed to Worship’ series in the upcoming weeks in Florida. I am so grateful for the churches that are willing to give invitations to preach the Word, even in the midst of these pandemic conditions! Please be in prayer for these opportunities in the midst of these challenging days.


I am absolutely thrilled to be an integral part of the systematic ‘evangelistic and discipleship’ instruction that occurs weekly at the Mission of Hope, which is located here in the Mobile area. On average, there are approximately 60 men, who are continually involved in the various levels of this program. I am continually overjoyed to watch the Spirit of God mightily apply the Word of God to break the chains of years of addiction in the lives of men. Even in the last few months, I have seen the Lord transform a solid core of men of all ages, for the glory of the Lamb. Brother and sisters, the Gospel is still the power of God unto salvation, redemption, and deliverance from the mastery of sin!

 Even this coming Easter Sunday, Dianne and I will witness the baptism of one of these men, (in our home church) who has been giving ongoing evidence that he has been gloriously liberated from the tyrannical chains of sin; to become a devoted disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. While we know, wherever the gospel is proclaimed, there will always be some professions of faith that will only be a shallow, superficial and artificial experience, which is not true saving faith. Oh, but then, there are those who are genuinely birthed from above and their lives changed, which powerfully displays that they have been graced with biblical repentance and saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.



Recently, I concluded a 4-day prayer conference with my dear brother in Christ, Dr. Greg Lindsey, at Mill Springs Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Tn. This was my 2nd opportunity to serve this precious flock. I was overwhelmed with their wonderful attendance and hunger for these truths concerning prayer. The five areas which I taught upon included: Confidence in Prayer; Persevering in Prayer; Evangelistic Intercessory Prayer; Personal Petitions of Prayer; and finally, Prayer and Your Personal Devotional Life in the Word! Pastor Greg shared the following words of testimony concerning this blessed time of teaching. “I am so thankful for the Prayer Conference we had with Bro. Ed and for the way God moved in the hearts of those who attended. As a pastor, I’ve already seen first-hand evidence of the Lord’s work in my own life and in the lives of our people, founded upon the truth that we heard proclaimed. The teaching was precisely what we needed! First and foremost, it was biblically faithful. It was also straightforward, earnest, and practical. As one man described, “It was down to earth, yet drenched with heaven! And, while deeply convicting, it was at the same time hugely encouraging. As one man described the sessions of instruction: ‘It was down to earth, yet drenched with heaven’! I eagerly anticipate what God may be pleased to do among us at Mill Springs in the months ahead, as a result of this wonderful, scriptural teaching on prayer, as it is put into believing practice. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised and glorified in what happens!