Brothers and sisters, at a time when opportunities for evangelism seemed to be shutting down among many, we are absolutely thrilled to watch God’s mighty activity in the redemption of souls! I am having more glorious and continuous ‘Gospel opportunities’ and discipleship opportunities’ than I have ever known! I have been given a weekly teaching and evangelistic ministry, (when I am in town), at both The Mission of Hope in west Mobile, AL. and The Home of Grace in Vancleave, MS. There are 5 faithful brothers, who regularly accompany me every Wednesday evening, to both evangelize and counsel these needy men. Usually, they are approximately 60 men who are in this program. We have witnessed the grace of God in the transformation of the lives of many men, who have been ‘set apart from’ their former life of addiction and ‘set apart’ unto a new life of following the Lord. This has also blossomed into a tremendous time of
discipleship of the men who accompany me in this outreach.