I was absolutely honored to fulfill the request of our precious pastor, Dr. Jay Robertson, to teach the ‘Christ-Centered Evangelism’ workbook in his ‘Global Disciple-making Class’ at the University of Mobile. Dr. Jay, as the students call him, is the professor of Systematic Theology and a number of other courses. I was overjoyed to accept his invitation to teach this study to his students. Each one of them is enrolled in ‘The Center for Christian Calling’. The teaching encompassed nine ‘one hour and twenty minute sessions’, in which I was privileged to pour the truths of ‘Christ-Centered Evangelism’ into their ears and their lives. Please pray with me, that the truths of
this study will give them a passion and a purpose to do ‘God’s work; God’s way; for God’s glory!

I am so grateful that this particular study has now been translated into Russian, Romanian, Luganda, Swahili, Spanish and a number of different languages in the states within India. Brothers and sisters, you are an intricate part of all that continues to occur in the advancement of the Gospel in these opportunities
within various nations. Thank You!