Upcoming Schedule

Jan 10-12………………………….Graceway Baptist Church - Oklahoma City, OK - Focus on Evangelism

Jan 19-22………………………….First Baptist Killen, AL  - John 15 Study

Jan 24-25 …………………………The Fellowship Church - Albertville, AL   Dianne Teaching – Ladies Conference

Jan 27-Feb10…………………….Christ-Centered Evangelism Pastors’ Conference – Undisclosed Country

Feb 23-26 ………………………..Woodside Baptist Church  - Ocala, FL

March 1-5 ………………………. First Baptist Church - Rainsville, AL - Christ-Centered Evangelism 


This was my 15th annual outreach mission to the nation of Kenya; as well as, the 8th annual pastors’ conference at KMTI. Each year, our ministry commits to pay for the:

  • Travel expenses for each of the pastors - (which averages approximately $8 per pastor). § To feed each of the 600 pastors 3 meal a day - (which equals to 9,600 meals)
  •  We provide a workbook for each pastor- (which I teach from on the particular theme for the year), in either Swahili or English!
  • We pay for the rental of the extra sleeping space - (for KMTI can only hold a little over half of the 600 students for sleeping).
  • Our ministry also commits to cover all of the other various expenses, which are always involved in a conference like this.

 The commitment of the pastors, church planters and evangelists is to simply to give their time, for the purpose of sitting under the divine authority of exposition of the Word of God! Consequently brothers and sisters, each one of you, who willingly and so fervently,

  • Pray for these various international conferences and graciously give
  • Financially to support this ministry

is an indispensable and strategic instrument and aide, in our Lord’s mighty multiplication into the lives of thousands of church members in East Africa.

I am continually receiving reports, from many African pastors, concerning how they are growing and multiplying the truths that they have learned, into the lives of countless disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. When you devote yourselves, either directly or indirectly, to be involved in spreading the Word of God throughout the world, you are living out this spiritual reality of being a ‘co-worker with Christ’! Thank you for coming alongside of us as we strive to Fight the Good Fight of Faith together, for His Name Sake!

Brothers and sisters, we are God’s middlemen, in this Great Commission. For the honorable obligation of being ministers of reconciliation has been left in our hands. Each one of us are called and commanded to do ‘God’s work; God’s way; for God’s glory’! Since we are all ‘co-laborers with Christ Jesus the Lord’, we ought to carry out the Master’s work in the Master’s fashion! The Lord Jesus is calling each of us in 2020, “Come and work side by side with ME.” Friends, when our Lord calls us to ‘work in His vineyard’, we can be certain that this is the highest honor that we can possibly know!

When I think of how the grace of God sought and saved this former agnostic, arrogant, argumentative (nearly alcoholic) rock and jazz drummer; and then called me to be a preacher of His Holy Word, I can only respond, “Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ... .” Oh dear friend, may the Spirit of God grace us with ‘2020 spiritual vision’, as we enter into this New Year. May we prayerfully and purposefully live this year for the glory of the Lord!

We love you in the Lord Jesus,

Ed Lacy