A Tribute to Ed Lacy

Written by Dr. George Wafula Director of Kenya Ministries Training Institute

In 2005, the Lord had my path cross with our late brother and friend Ed Lacy. My brother-in-law, Bishop (this is the title for their pastors) Fredrick Mulei, had invited me to attend a leadership conference in his church in Bungoma where Ed was speaking. It happened that they didn’t have anyone who understood American English to interpret for him. I was requested to do it for Ed for four days. During that time our hearts were joined together, and we hit it off so well and became close friends. Together with Bishop Frederick, they requested me to translate all his teaching workbooks from English to Swahili, which I did joyfully.

Brother Ed stated coming to Kenya every single year to do pastors’ conferences in different cities like Bungoma, Nakuru, Nairobi, and Kitale at the KMTI Campus. I served as his interpreter every single year he came. Ed joyfully paid for the travels, meals, workbooks, and other expenses for all the pastors who attended. These life-changing conferences were always packed with over 600 senior church leaders from different denominations. On many occasions we had a difficult time stopping some leaders from attending Ed’s meetings due to limited boarding spaces. We had people travel as far away as Uganda, Congo, and Tanzania to attend his meetings.

Ed was such a seasoned expositor and teacher of God’s Word. If you attended on of his meetings, you didn’t want to miss the next one.
Brother Ed left behind a permanent impact on this continent that will not be erased for a long time to come. Although he suffered from neuropathy and was always in constant pain in his hands and feet he never allowed that health situation to slow him down. During our first meetings in Bungoma, Ed stayed with my brother-in-law in his village house that had no electricity or running water. We used to walk with Ed for several miles on a dusty road from the house to the meeting place, and he would preach with such joy and never complained. Brother Ed Lacy served his Lord and Master with passion, and he inspired so many people who came to hear him.
Ed strongly believed in KMTI and what we do. He sponsored several students and me every single month. I remember in 2009, he helped me to buy my first car that became so resourceful to my ministry. What a soldier and what a friend he was. We thank God for his life, ministry, and friendship. May the name of the Lord be praised! - Dr. George Wafula


It is our prayer that you may be gripped with the heart-transforming truth that Christmas is infinitely more than family gatherings and gift giving. It is dramatically more important than Christmas lights, holiday movies and sports ad infinitum. May each of our hearts be overwhelmed with the blessed truth that Jesus has come to save His people from their sins.

We find ourselves living in an atmosphere in which the vast majority of people have no clue of the glorious purpose of the celebration of the incarnation of God the Son. The condescension of God the Son in a stable in Bethlehem has been confused with the frenzied and materialistic commercialization of the world. Oh, but born again believers should be captivated with the glorious reality of 2 Corinthians 8:9, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.” Friend, it is that blessed motivation that will continue to energize me to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES, as long as God gives me the breath and the mind to do so. There is coming a day when we will rejoice forever in the eternal work that our Lord has accomplished through your love, prayers and faithful giving, which continues to allow me to herald the glorious Gospel. Thank you!

May each of us walk through this Christmas season with a heavenly perspective. May we set our affections on things above and not the things of this world. May we follow the path of our Lord and Savior to be fervent intercessors and faithful heralds of the good tidings of great joy.


During this season in which we celebrate the greatest gift of all human history, we want to once again express our heart-felt gratitude for the precious sacrifice of love, prayers and giving to this ministry. It was 37 years ago, that our Lord gripped our hearts with the promise that He was going to be our Provider for every door of ministry, which He would open. Now, almost 4 decades later, we can testify that He has been faithful to allow us to be a channel of blessing in over 20 different nations, over 200 foreign mission trips, scores of evangelistic outreaches and church planters’ training conferences, ongoing monthly support to many church planters in very difficult places of service...etc. We are very aware that God has chosen to use His children to stand with us in love, prayer and monthly support. As we contemplate on the greatest gift that has even been given, we also ruminate upon how our Heavenly Father has used many of you, to support all of these various areas of ministry that He has initiated in our lives. Dear friend, when our Sovereign Lord initiates ministry in our lives, He has always been faithful to supply for what He has initiated! Many of you have been willingly involved in the joy of giving to His work through these earthen vessels named Ed and Dianne Lacy. You have made friends for yourselves, whom you did not yet know, who will be your welcoming committee when you arrive in glory. You invested your love, your prayers and your gifts in the advancement of the Gospel and the training of Gospel missionaries. You have honored the Lord, by investing into things that have eternal value! Our hearts are overflowing with gratefulness that our
Father has so worked in your hearts to co-labor with us. Thank You!


The 5-day ‘evangelistic outreach meetings and revival meetings' in the U.S. have been few and far between, because of the concern over the pandemic in these unusual times. Yet, our Heavenly Father has enabled us to continue, and even expand our support for many church planters and missionaries in 4 different nations; along with various people groups throughout India!

It is all because you have not waned in your passion and purpose to stand alongside of this ministry in intercessory prayer and ongoing support! Thank You!


Both Dianne and myself have been privileged to begin a teaching ministry at our home church. Dianne and I are seeing the Holy Spirit do a wonderful work in the hearts of both men and women, from the ages of their early 20’s to their early 80’s! We are seeing answered prayers, salvation of souls and the edification of the saints. When I am called away to serve in other meetings, we are blessed to have other wonderful brothers worshipping with us, who are well able to ‘rightly divide the Word’ and feed the hungry men who
are weekly coming under the Word. We are blessed indeed!