I was absolutely honored to fulfill the request of our precious pastor, Dr. Jay Robertson, to teach the ‘Christ-Centered Evangelism’ workbook in his ‘Global Disciple-making Class’ at the University of Mobile. Dr. Jay, as the students call him, is the professor of Systematic Theology and a number of other courses. I was overjoyed to accept his invitation to teach this study to his students. Each one of them is enrolled in ‘The Center for Christian Calling’. The teaching encompassed nine ‘one hour and twenty minute sessions’, in which I was privileged to pour the truths of ‘Christ-Centered Evangelism’ into their ears and their lives. Please pray with me, that the truths of
this study will give them a passion and a purpose to do ‘God’s work; God’s way; for God’s glory!

I am so grateful that this particular study has now been translated into Russian, Romanian, Luganda, Swahili, Spanish and a number of different languages in the states within India. Brothers and sisters, you are an intricate part of all that continues to occur in the advancement of the Gospel in these opportunities
within various nations. Thank You!


Recently, I was privileged to teach pastors and church planters from all over the nation of India through a Zoom Conference. Our study focused of this vital issue of “Evangelistic Intercessory Prayer”! There was a large gathering of brothers in attendance via Zoom, from all over the mammoth nation, in which the dominant religion is the deep darkness of Hinduism. Yet, the glorious Gospel is going forth through these dear brothers and sisters, in the face of extreme persecution from Hindu extremists. The ministry of OPEN DOORS reports that, “Christians are accused of following a ‘foreign faith’ and blamed for bad
luck in their communities. These believers are often physically attacked and sometimes killed, as well as being under constant pressure from their family and community to return to Hinduism. If they do not ‘re-convert’, their community may boycott them, with a devastating effect on their ability to earn an income. Many believers are isolated and are not in personal contact with any other Christians”. And yet, in the face of this constant threat of persecution, these precious pastors and church planters are faithfully employing God’s means to
carry out God’s great mission.

It was a tremendous joy to my soul to see a multitude of brothers, whom God has allowed me to teach in past years, eagerly gathering to attend these Zoom meetings. The continuing threat of Covid-19 has made it impossible to teach in person. As a matter of fact, I was in a particular state in India, which maintains anti-conversion laws, holding a secret conference with 150 church planters, when the outbreak of Covid-19 occurred! But, I thank God for these opportunities to hold ‘Zoom Conferences’ in both India and Africa. I long for the day when the ‘face to face’ opportunities will open once again. I stand on the sovereignty of our Lord, in relation to these presently closed doors of ‘in person’ conferences. I can trust that ‘the counsel of the Lord stands forever, and the plans of His heart is for all generations.” I have absolute confidence in the promise that God’s counsel shall stand, and He will
accomplish all of His purposes.


Notice these precious words, which the Holy Spirit inspired the prophet Isaiah to pen over seven centuries before the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ, “And He bore the sin of many, and MADE INTERCESSION for the TRANSGRESSORS”. The ministry of evangelistic intercession is sometimes called ‘The triangle of prayer’; for evangelistic intercession always involves the person who is praying; the Person to whom he is praying; and the person for whom he is praying. The faithful evangelistic intercessor identifies with the unconverted sinner to such a degree, that he is willing to get personally involved in fervent and faithful prayer for their conversion. One of the most precious privileges we have, as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, is to take part in God’s great work of making sinners His holy habitation, through the means of evangelistic intercessory prayer. Therefore, while hoards of contemporary churches are constantly seeking more carnal techniques and tactics to reach people, God is seeking for resolute and impassioned ‘prayer warriors’ who will stand in the gap, to intercede for the lost souls of people within their sphere of influence. At the same time, we would all have to admit, one of the most challenging battles in our walk with the Lord is to remain passionate and persistent in this vital area of evangelistic intercession for the unconverted people, which God has placed within our particular circle of impact. Charles Spurgeon has well said, “We are best equipped to testify tomen and women, when we have been wrestling with God on behalf of those men and women.”

Isaiah 53:12b reveals that the intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ was a vital part of his entire life and work. For the Great and Final Prophet was not only interceding for the mocking mob, when He prayed, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”. The intercessory work of our Great High Priest refers to all that was involved in His sinless life; His substitutionary wrath-bearing death; His triumphant resurrection and His ascension to the right hand of the Father, where He ever lives to make intercession for the saints! Our Lord and Savior stood between Holy God and sinners, by enduring and exhausting the full equivalent of an eternity of the just wrath of God in the place of and on behalf of every sinner who will repent and believe the Gospel. Moreover, Jesus was interceding for us when He lived a perfectly righteous life, which we could have never lived. He was interceding for us in John 17, only hours before He would go to the Cross, not only as the Great High Priest, but also as the Lamb of God! Even at this very moment, He is at the right
hand of the Majesty on High interceding for the love gift that the Father has given to Him.

Precious brothers and sisters, our Great High Priest has fulfilled His finished work in sacrifice and He continues to fulfill His work of intercession even now! Oh, but we have an essential responsibility to be a faithful intercessor, as one of God’s ordained means to gather in the bride of Christ. Our prayers for any
sinner, who is still breathing God’s air, are in perfect concert with God’s earnest desires that they would come to a saving knowledge of the Gospel. (1 Timothy 2:4) Therefore, if our lives are being moved along by the Spirit of God we should be in concert with God’s earnest desires for the salvation of sinners. Are you experiencing, at least to some degree, the travail of the Lord Jesus for lost souls? Is this anguish of heart for the lost compelling you to be involved in passionate and persistent intercessory prayer? How long
has it been since you wept for one lost soul? 

The psalmist declared, “He who continually goes forth WEEPING, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” The weeping intercessor shall eventually become the rejoicing winner of souls. For the Lord who wailed over Jerusalem will not be indifferent to an intercessor with has an anguish of heart over lost sinners. God will turn that weeping into rejoicing, when He employs that intercession as one of His sovereign means in the redemption of that soul! Passionate and persistent prayer is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior. Our Savior welcomes intercession on behalf of any sinner, because that prayer is consistent with His nature as a Savior; His sincere desire for the sinner’s salvation; and His sovereign purpose to put the gloryof
His amazing grace, marvelous mercy and astounding love on eternal display.

Multiplication Abounds-September 2021

Dear Precious Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Apostle Paul described the process of multiplication through biblical discipleship, in the following verse, “The things which you have LEARNED and RECEIVED and HEARD and SAW in me, these DO, and the God of peace will be with you.” - Philippians 4:9 Doesn’t this exhortation sound very similar to the Great Commission! As I consider Paul’s instructions, I am reminded that all of us, who have repented and believed the Gospel, are disciples of Jesus Christ for the sake of making other disciples for the glory of God. Paul had effectively discipled these young believers at Philippi, through both the exposition of the Word and the example of his life. He was now encouraging those disciples to reproduce ‘that same teaching and living’ into the lives of others. This devoted apostle was urging these followers of Jesus to become an apprentice of him; and then, to reproduce what they had ‘learned and saw lived out’, as they invest the truth and themselves into the lives of others! Fellow disciples, this is our present mission in the midst of this collapsing culture. We too, must give ourselves to this divine assignment of ‘man- fishing and disciple-making’, through both the message that we declare and the lives, which we live.

I am so grateful that the Lord placed a man in my life to disciple me, when I was a baby believer in the Lord. He invested many, many hours pouring the fundamentals of the faith into my life, and living it out before me. He also encouraged me to be faithful to pass the baton of truth to others, just as that baton had been passed on to me. Friends, at that point in my spiritual infancy, I had no earthly idea that I would have the privilege of being involved in such a ministry of multiplication. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to pass the baton of truth in one- on-one discipleship, to over forty men, as we met in my home every week. Never would I have imagined, that I would be investing the truth and my life into thousands of pastors, church-planters and disciple-makers in over 200 foreign mission trips in 20 different nations! Moreover, as these doors opened for me to pass the baton, I would have never dreamed that God would raise up an army of faithful ‘prayer warriors and financial supporters’, who would be greatly used by Him, to enable me to preach and teach the Word of God all over this planet; in Bible conferences in so many different nations. He has allowed the training of thousands of spiritual leaders and blessed us to witness their commitment to teach others also; investing into scores of other pastors and church-planters’. Friends, you are being a channel of financial and prayer support to so many men of God, who are faithfully serving the Lord in very difficult environments across this world. The Lord is using your love for His mission, your prayers and financial support; and we rejoice because great multiplication is taking place. Therefore, Dianne and I wanted to express our heart-felt gratefulness to our God and to you for standing with us as we run this race, continuing to pass the baton to others.

Because of the great multiplication that is on going, we wanted to pass to you a few of the many testimonies we have recently received from the church-planters and pastors, whom your prayers and financial gifts support. In this letter to you, we want to draw our attention to Kenya and Uganda. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in these areas. They too, have been suffering greatly from the effects of Covid. They are experiencing several variants from this virus, yet they are marching forward in the faith. So I pray that these words from a few of these dear brothers in Africa will be a great encouragement to your heart in these difficult days.

Kenya and Uganda

The first testimony is from Dr. George Wafula, whom I have had the tremendous joy to co-labor with on many occasions in East Africa. Your generous gifts to this ministry have been employed to support Bro. George, his family, and his ministry of multiplication for many years. Bro. George writes, “I am the Director of Kenya Ministry Training Institute, which has branches in both the nation of Kenya and the nation of Uganda. KMTI is a Bible training college for pastors and church leaders. I have been involved with KMTI for the last 23 years as a teacher, principal and currently the Director. Due to this, I travel extensively throughout these two nations, to multiply the word of God into the lives of those who will teach others also! We have graduated over 3000 pastors and church leaders, who are spread all over East and Central Africa. These followers of Christ are committed to do God I am also the pastor of Grace Ministries International in Bungoma, Kenya. Our church is located 95 Kilometers from my work station in Kitale, so I have to drive there every week to minister in my home church. I want to thank my dear brother Ed Lacy and each one of you for your continued support; even during these difficult times. My wife and I are grateful to be the recipients of your love and generosity, at such a time as this. It is quite amazing to see the hundreds of pastors and senior overseers, which attend the Ed Lacy annual conference in Kenya. These pastors and church-planters take ‘2-inch’ mattresses and sleep on the hard floors, in both our teaching hall and our guesthouses, for the 4-full days of the annual ‘Bible Training Conferences’, which are taught by Bro. Ed, with me as the interpreter. These men sleep on the floor joyfully, because of the truth, which they will receive from the fruit of Bro. Eds study of the Word of God. I know of many conferences in Kenya and Uganda, where pastors and overseers are promised accommodatations in nice hotels and guesthouses. However, not many of these pastors are excited to attend, because they get nothing of spiritual significance from these meetings. Oh, but I am so very grateful to the LORD for the favor that God has given to our brother, Ed Lacy, to come every year (for 15 years) to teach us the word of God. I truly believe that he has the word that the church in East Africa needs in these days. I am forever thankful to his wife, Dianne, and all those who pray for him and support his ministry. The church in East Africa is being enlightened and edified through this ministry. Brothers and sisters, thank you so very much for supporting his ministry, so that he might support men like me, both spiritually and financially.”

The following testimony is from another dear pastor and church-planter, that we have had the joy of working with and supporting, both with financial support and persevering prayer, for many years. His name is Pastor Fredrick Mulei. He is both a pastor and overseer of many others pastors. He also has a significant orphan minister in Kenya. The following words are his testimony of gratitude to you, “Dear Bro. Ed, It is with profound sense of appreciation, that I testify of how God has used your ministry to be a blessing to my ministry, my life and my family. For the last 16 years, you have mentored me with true biblical teachings such as ‘Christ-centered Evangelism, as well as many other workbook studies, which cluster around a God-pleasing ministry. My personal ministry has grown both numerically and spiritually, because of the Word of God that you have rightly interpreted and applied to the ministry that the Lord has given to me. I thank my God for bringing you into my life.

Our meeting and subsequent working together to further the Gospel in East Africa, cannot be explained—except by the sovereign work of God alone! Only He could have produced the amazing spiritual success that has resulted from this partnership in God’s mission. The whole area of East Africa has been gloriously affected, through the teachings that you have offered to hundreds of pastor such as I. God has encouraged and sustained me in magnificent ways! I give all glory and honor to Him. I have also learned how to suffer for Christ in a manner that magnifies the Lord Jesus Christ. I have learned how to do God’s work; God’s way; for God’s glory! Ed, may God continue to strengthen you to continue to expose the false teachings, which continually sprout up in Africa, for there are many heresies, which spread like a bush fire. These are used by the adversary to injure and destroy many souls. Oh, but God continues to use you to expose the doctrines of demons and replace them with the powerful truth of the Word of God. Dear man of God, I am forever grateful for your life and the teachings that you have invested in me. I am also so very grateful for the financial support that you give to support our ongoing ministry of church planting and the orphanage. God is using them both to extend His Kingdom into the hearts and lives of multitudes of Kenyans.”

Then lastly, I would like to share the following words of thanks from our dear brother, John Machuka. On my own behalf, and on behalf of our ministry and the churches that we serve in North West Kenya and Eastern Uganda, I take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you for your continued support in biblical stewardship toward our ministry.

It is because of your training resources and sustained financial donations that we have been able by the grace of God to grow and establish this ministry over the past years, reaching and equipping many needy and economically challenged churches, whose dream of attaining biblical and ministry training was a distant possibility. Your support goes a long way in strengthening more than 200 local churches drawn from over 80 different denominations. Many peoples’ lives are transformed as they grow into an intimate relationship with God through training and mentorship. Now we have 950 trainees doing pastoral ministry in their churches, each teach and exhort a minimum of 25 people weekly. CBLTK takes biblical and ministry training to church leaders where they live and continue to serve in their church. Many of these churches here have been led by people with no biblical training. The kind of Christianity that is practiced is characterized by compromise, false teaching, mediocrity and moribund faith. Church leaders in rural and remote areas desired training and saw no possibility for it. This mode of training organizes 2-hour weekly training sessions of 12 participants who are pastors or associates. They are taken through courses that are tailor made for Christian missioners working within diverse typical African culture. Christ Centered Evangelism from your resources continues to be one of the most relevant courses we have ever taught. Redeemed to Worship is another, just to mention a few. These, coupled with other courses, have made it possible for the pastors to correctly study, interpret, apply and teach the Word of God to their own lives and to their congregation.

Syncretistic practices were perceived as normal in churches where aspects of African tradition practices were incorporated into Christian worship. These adversely watered down the power of the gospel and the meaning of Christianity. People professed Christian faith, but held onto aspects of animism believed for physical wellness. Another disturbing dimension has been the Prosperity Gospel in churches focusing on physical health and material wealth, while Holy Spirit Power incorporates numerous ideas about supernatural power, protection from curses and the devil, as well as the expression of spiritual gifts. These doctrines were taught at the expense of Jesus teaching on discipleship. As a result of these, those who are Christians were weak in faith. Families were weak. Sinful behavior reigned rather than becoming like Jesus. Divisions existed within and between churches rather than unity. The Lordship of Jesus was not emphasized as most church-goers were biblically uninformed. The result is a religious deception among many professing believers and a weak witness of Christ to the lost. The people remained lost while in churches, downtrodden, and disillusioned. Churches followed lies and teachings of men rather than biblical truth. They had zeal for God, but not according to knowledge! The message of salvation in Jesus by faith alone was lost. 1,000,000s were and still remain perishing from a proclamation of a gospel that is false, distorted, not the gospel of the bible! This is the context that informs our partnership, that the people in our ministry environment may truly know the Lord on His terms, and not their religious fads and perceptions.

Most of the people we target live in rural areas are characterized by poverty. Most are sustenance farmers that earn just enough for basic food, clothing, and shelter. To some, these fundamental needs remain a challenge. Therefore, paying for training in an institution is a challenge. Many serving in church leadership roles have a desire for training, but cannot leave sustaining their family to train in institutionalized bible schools and seminaries in large cities. The few that leave for training do not return to the area they came from. Only an intentional strategy, taking training to church leaders where they live, as they remain in their churches and train on the job can change the situation. Pastors and church leaders learning biblical truth, teaching the Word of God in their churches, and the churches carrying out the Great Commission to the lost.

We thank God for the hundreds that are turning to the faith through the ministry of these church leaders.
We pray for you often in our meetings and it is our desire and prayer that we remain true to the vision. Once again thank you. Pass our sincere regards and appreciation to the friends and supporters of the ministry through whom God makes this ministry possible. We are deeply indebted to them. Love you all!

Friends, All three of these men, George, Frederick and John, are such faithful servants of the Lord Jesus. They work tirelessly in their ministries, and willingly and diligently have given themselves in the preparation and organization of every Bible Conference we have held over these many years, which host so many other pastors. They are committed to following up and continuing to work with these men after the conclusion of the conferences, because their desire is for multiplication, for the glory of our God.