These two words, ‘Thank You’, are so simplistic yet so profound. However, how can they possibly convey my gratefulness for you during this time? The support that my family and I have received through Ed’s sickness and home-going, has been such a sweet testimony to us and so many onlookers. In fact, through these events of this journey, we have received reports from several individuals, which say they are examining their lives concerning their souls. Some, are evaluating their lives, on how they are spending their days, who have seen from the Celebration of the life and legacy of one man, which was sold out to His Lord and Savior; and how the Lord used him in the furtherance of the Kingdom,

Friends, you who have been co-laborers with us on this gospel assignment, have been a huge part of everything the Lord has done. We have been very blessed to be surrounded with such prayer warriors, such love and care and such passionate people who desire for the work of the Lord to be carried out. My heart is so overwhelmed at all the Lord has and is continuing to do. For those who truly knew Ed, knows that he was willing to spend and be spent for the sake of the Gospel. My earnest desire is to live with that same motivation of heart, soul and mind; to Love the Lord with all my heart and be ready to follow Him in whatever He has for me; and be willing to spend and be spent for the sake of my Lord and my Savior. I pray that this same desire will be birthed into your heart during these difficult times in which we live. Until our Lord returns, may He find us faithful to His Call.

Once again, thank you for every kindness, cards, gift cards, phone calls, texts, visits and especially the prayers and words of comfort and offers of help. There are so many ways that you have reached out I cannot even name them. Please know how much it has meant to me and to the rest of our family. My love and prayers for each of you, continues to grow.

Because My Savior Lives, Dianne Lacy