Distribution of Ed’s Study Materials

We are already receiving request for Ed’s Bible Study materials and Tracts. He has many studies and sermons available for us to continue to use in the spread of the Gospel here and around the world.

Ongoing Monthly Support of Pastors - Church Planters and Missionaries and the Support of Young Men Who Have Been Called To Go

Using your prayers and financial support this ministry has been able to support these men and their ministries for several years. These are men and ministries that we have worked with in the past and know that they are being faithful to their call and truly men of integrity. All of them will give an on-going account of how the support is used within their ministries. Helping our brothers and sisters around the world is vitally important. Presently, we are witnessing what happens in these other countries, will always effect in some way what happens here and around the world. Most of these men live in very difficult places and have suffered much for the sake of the gospel. Additionally, our desire is to continue to come alongside of young men who have been called into full-time ministry, to help financially and in the biblically nurturing of our future leaders, using Ed’s materials .

Weekly Devotions of Ed's Studies on Facebook

Beginning the 2nd week of April, we will once again be posting Ed’s devotionals on Ed Lacy Facebook and also on the Ed Lacy Ministries Facebook page. This has been a great tool of reaching 1000’s with the Word of God.

Ongoing Outreach to the Mission of Hope and The Home of Grace For Men

Several young men, whom Ed had been discipling, teaching and taking with him as he ministered, have made a commitment to carry out these weekly and monthly outreaches, using Ed’s teachings to reach the lost with the gospel.

Discipleship and Teaching Women

Dianne will continue to teach ladies in Bible Studies and Ladies conferences, as well as training in one-on-one discipleship. She will also be carrying out the daily administrative work for Ed Lacy Ministries, as she has always done.

Quarterly Newsletters

Newsletters will contain information of how the materials are being used and dispersed. Spotlights will be giving on the foreign mission field workers and their on-going ministries and words from different partners participating in the ministry.

Ed Lacy Ministries, Inc. will remain as a 501 (3) C non-profit, where all donations will be tax deductible. Contact information with all addresses and phone numbers remaining the same.