Conferneces in Kenya and Uganda

I have just returned from an 18 day mission trip in Africa. Approximately 800 pastors, evangelists and church leaders attended the 2 conferences in the nations of Uganda and Kenya. The first week took place in the city of Jinja, Uganda. There were 521 pastors representing 8 different districts of Uganda, that gathered at the Oasis of Life Church. Daily, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., I had the wonderful joy of teaching the “Christ-centered Evangelism” workbook, to this very hungry and receptive group. As you know, the theme of this study is to call the body of Christ to fully return to God’s instructional manual, concerning the New Testament teaching of Biblical evangelism! Each one of us are called and commanded to be on mission with God! However, God desires that His people would use His means to carry out His mission. The great tragedy of the evangelism of the last 70 years, is that the vast majority of the evangelical church has been attempting to do God’s work; man’s way! The church has been steadily moving away from the “Jesus-focused” message found in the Book of Acts, and has been focusing the message on the “felt-needs” of sinners. In addition to this deceptive and damaging error, the church has been attempting to use methods that have not been ordained by God. They have adopted techniques and tactics that are the inventions of men! The continent of Africa, in particular, has been thoroughly contaminated with the false message of ‘the prosperity gospel’. It is heartbreaking to see how the “peddlers of the Word of God” have corrupted the minds of millions of Africans, within the professing church. The purpose in teaching ‘Christ-centered Evangelism’ is to call the church to return to God’s ordained means, to carry out his mission; and to return to the authentic Gospel message that focuses on the Person of Jesus; the Work of Jesus; and the Terms of Jesus.

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September 09 Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ ,

Hudson Taylor, the founder of the China Inland Mission, has well said that “The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed!”. Every single soul is either an ambassador for Christ or one in need of reconciliation with God! The Word of God clearly teaches that those who are converted by the grace of God, have been brought into an intimate relationship with Jesus to pursue a life that “fulfills the great commandments and obeys the great commission”. We have been redeemed to be worshippers of God; and true worshippers will be witnesses unto Jesus Christ! Our one business in life is to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength; and to love sinners enough, that we might be used as instruments through which they may be brought into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ! We are called to spend and be spent for this great work. Our Lord and Savior commissioned every believer in this way, when He said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”

This is not a suggestion to be neglected or rejected, nor a nice idea to be debated or dismissed. This is a command from our King! This is a mandate from our Master! The apostle Paul understood the gravity of this great mission, testifying in Romans 1:14, “I am debtor, both to the Greeks and to the barbarians; both to the wise and the unwise.” Certainly, if we are true followers of the Lord Jesus, we know, at least in some measure, this same sense of indebtedness to those around us who are still living under the tyranny of sin. No one can walk in intimacy with the Lord Jesus, without sharing, at least to some degree, this very passion and purpose. The great missionary to Africa, C.T. Studd, challenged us with this sobering question many years ago, “What are you living for? Is what you’re living for, worth Jesus dying for?” Well, precious friends, if Jesus Christ died to redeem souls, then we live to reach souls. The Spirit of Jesus Christ in us is a missionary spirit! The more intimately one walks with Jesus, the more missionary minded they will become!

One Sunday evening many years ago, William Booth, the founder of the salvation army, was walking through the streets of London with his 12 year old son, Willie. General Booth surprised his son, by taking him into a bar room. The tavern was very crowded with men and women; many of them wearing the marks of their vice on their faces. The fumes of alcohol and tobacco seemed almost poisonous to young Booth. After looking around the bar room for a moment, William Booth said to his son, “Willie, these are the people that I want you to live for; and to bring to the Lord Jesus!” Brothers and sisters, we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of God’s own possession.” But for what purpose? Our purpose is to “Proclaim the praises of Him, Who called you out of darkness and into His marvelous light.” Oh brothers and sisters, may we be found faithful to fulfill the great commandment and be faithful the great commission, that the Lamb may receive the reward of His suffering!

Thank you Brothers and sisters, there are many more testimonies in front of me at this moment. We want to give God all of the Glory, for His mighty works in the lives and ministries of these pastors! It is His Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit, that has transformed their evangelism! This is His mission! We are called to use His means to carry out His mission; and trust Him for the results, in His timing! But we are reminded once again, that the Lord uses faithful believers to partner with us, enabling us to carry His truths to the nations. So with a heart that is filled to overflowing, we want to say "Thank you” for standing with us in prayer and support!" Dianne and I cannot express deeply enough how much you mean to us.

There are always times throughout our ministry that we have been acutely aware of just how needy we are, of the prayers and support of God’s people. But, I must say that this time, it was made very evident. On my last day in Uganda, traveling back to my hotel, my driver and I were stopped at gun point by 3 Ugandan soldiers. As we were driving along, I decided to take a picture of the Nile River; when suddenly, I felt our vehicle come to a sudden stop. As I lowered my camera, I was staring into the wrong end of a machine gun. The soldiers on the other end of the guns said, “You are under arrest!” Making a demand for my passport, they told me that I was going to jail! Quickly, I began telling them what I was doing in Uganda. As the conversation developed, one soldier said, “Give me $20”! My driver, pastor Fred, begin to debate with them over this bribe; but I thought to myself, it would be wise just to get the money out and move-on. They let us go after we gave them the $20. There is no doubt in my mind, that the Lord was protecting me from what could have been a very perilous situation, dealing with such corrupted soldiers. I realize that they could have demanded so much more. I am certain that our God was answering the prayers of precious brothers and sisters, who were interceding for me throughout this trip.

Friends, how can we convey what you mean to us? We cannot even begin to express our love and gratitude for your prayers and your support to this ministry. You are such an invaluable part of everything the Lord is doing. We continue to thank the Lord for you; and pray that He will bless you with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Ed & Dianne



Recently, I received a letter and photo’s from a pastor from Uganda, Pastor Dauson. This was my interpreter for ‘Christ- centered Evangelism Conference’ last year. Pastor Dauson shared in his letter that He took his entire congregation through that same Bible study in the months following the conference. Since that time, his local body of believers have been implementing the truths that they learned from the study in the local evangelism of Muslims. One of the photos he sent was the baptism of 25 adult converts, that have been converted through the practical application of the truths from that conference! Many of the baptisms were ‘former Muslims’, who have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Friends, that is just one pastor out of 500 which attended that conference. Lord willing, I will be returning to Uganda in August to teach Christ-centered Evangelism to an entirely new group of pastors. Also, the Lord has opened the door to teach this same conference in Nairobi, Kenya to a new group of hundreds of pastors, from many differ- ent denominations. In July, another opportunity awaits in Nicaragua, in a new city with an entirely new group of pastors. We will also be having an evangelistic outreach crusade during that time. Of course, we will also be returning to Cuba, if the Lord allows. The Cuban pastors and church planters have requested that I compile a new workbook on the subject of ‘True And Acceptable Worship’. Already, I have began working on that material and I am very excited about it. Please continue to pray for all of these open doors to see His Power at work for His Name Sake.


It was so wonderful to see the Lord send out His “saving power” into the lives of a number of adults and youth at
Evergreen Baptist Church last week!  This precious local church was led by their pastor in a wonderful way, to be
involved in intercessory prayer and practical preparations for this series of meetings. And God answered the
prayers of His people, in awesome manifestations of His strength and power!  Each evening service was abso-
lutely packed to capacity. Many of them were visitors from the community!



My precious friend and the pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church, David Cofield writes, concerning this Christ-centered evangelism conference in north Alabama, “Our Lord God honored his Word in a mighty wayrecently at our church, as Bro. Ed Lacy was with us, teaching ‘Christ-centered Evangelism’. When you get God’s people under 10 hours of ‘Holy Spirit’ anointed teaching of the Word of God, something good is going to happen, and it did! This was better than a revival meeting, because of the length of the teaching and the subject matter. Friends, I believe that the heart of our faith and the focus of our message is the Gospel; but it is the gospel as Jesus taught it and the early churchlived it!  I have never heard such a theological discourse on the lostness of men, within a local church, as was presented by Bro. Ed on Sunday evening, and our people were eating it up; as well as their pastor! All of my deacons and staff whole-
heartedly embraced all of the teachings. I had no one to contest it from within the church. Why? Because it is the Word of God! As a matter of fact, our church is renewed and revived, through God’s working in our lives during this week of ‘Christ-centered evangelism’. We also saw a precious lady in her 70’s gloriously converted during he week! It was an awesome display of God’s converting power! I have had over 300 requests for CD’s, all because of the testimonies that other people are hearing from those who were present for the conference.  We are
still living in the afterglow!  We are beginning to go through the material again, in many of our Bible Study classes. We give God all praise and glory, for His mighty working in our midst!”