Next, notice these precious words from our brother and friend, Frederick of Kenya. Frederick is a diligent worker and was suchScreen Shot 2022 08 09 at 5.47.14 PM a servant to Ed on his many trips to Kenya. He writes, I am so much humbled to hear that you and the entire Ed Lacy Ministry partners are willing to support
me. Indeed, I am very much grateful. I have been also praying for you that God will keep you and strengthened you after the loss of your husband and my friend and mentor, Ed Lacy. This loss affected me very much. I had great love for Ed and his ministry. His teachings have made me, and my ministry, understand in depth about God’s mission to mankind. I learned about true happiness and what is the eternal life. These teachings impacted me, and my ministry. It made me to see that my fellow pastors and church-planters had to hear them and move away from the false gospel of material prosperity. Indeed, God moved and hearts were touched and lives changed, glory to God. Though Ed Lacy is gone, his legacy will live among us forever. Thank you once more for the support. May God bless you abundantly! Fredrick