Dear Precious Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Apostle Paul described the process of multiplication through biblical discipleship, in the following verse, “The things which you have LEARNED and RECEIVED and HEARD and SAW in me, these DO, and the God of peace will be with you.” - Philippians 4:9 Doesn’t this exhortation sound very similar to the Great Commission! As I consider Paul’s instructions, I am reminded that all of us, who have repented and believed the Gospel, are disciples of Jesus Christ for the sake of making other disciples for the glory of God. Paul had effectively discipled these young believers at Philippi, through both the exposition of the Word and the example of his life. He was now encouraging those disciples to reproduce ‘that same teaching and living’ into the lives of others. This devoted apostle was urging these followers of Jesus to become an apprentice of him; and then, to reproduce what they had ‘learned and saw lived out’, as they invest the truth and themselves into the lives of others! Fellow disciples, this is our present mission in the midst of this collapsing culture. We too, must give ourselves to this divine assignment of ‘man- fishing and disciple-making’, through both the message that we declare and the lives, which we live.

I am so grateful that the Lord placed a man in my life to disciple me, when I was a baby believer in the Lord. He invested many, many hours pouring the fundamentals of the faith into my life, and living it out before me. He also encouraged me to be faithful to pass the baton of truth to others, just as that baton had been passed on to me. Friends, at that point in my spiritual infancy, I had no earthly idea that I would have the privilege of being involved in such a ministry of multiplication. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to pass the baton of truth in one- on-one discipleship, to over forty men, as we met in my home every week. Never would I have imagined, that I would be investing the truth and my life into thousands of pastors, church-planters and disciple-makers in over 200 foreign mission trips in 20 different nations! Moreover, as these doors opened for me to pass the baton, I would have never dreamed that God would raise up an army of faithful ‘prayer warriors and financial supporters’, who would be greatly used by Him, to enable me to preach and teach the Word of God all over this planet; in Bible conferences in so many different nations. He has allowed the training of thousands of spiritual leaders and blessed us to witness their commitment to teach others also; investing into scores of other pastors and church-planters’. Friends, you are being a channel of financial and prayer support to so many men of God, who are faithfully serving the Lord in very difficult environments across this world. The Lord is using your love for His mission, your prayers and financial support; and we rejoice because great multiplication is taking place. Therefore, Dianne and I wanted to express our heart-felt gratefulness to our God and to you for standing with us as we run this race, continuing to pass the baton to others.

Because of the great multiplication that is on going, we wanted to pass to you a few of the many testimonies we have recently received from the church-planters and pastors, whom your prayers and financial gifts support. In this letter to you, we want to draw our attention to Kenya and Uganda. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in these areas. They too, have been suffering greatly from the effects of Covid. They are experiencing several variants from this virus, yet they are marching forward in the faith. So I pray that these words from a few of these dear brothers in Africa will be a great encouragement to your heart in these difficult days.