I am also extremely grateful for the new ‘foreign door’, which the Lord has opened to me within the nation of South Africa. In July, I am scheduled to teach the 2nd conference among these brothers, whether in person or by Zoom and Facebook Live, (that remains to be seen). The leaders of these conferences are indigenous church planters, who are under the umbrella of the Heart Cry Missionary Society. The opening words of their mission statement ring truthfully and powerfully in my heart, “When considering the worthiness of any missionary endeavor our three greatest concerns should be doctrine, integrity, and practice. DOCTRINE: The Great Commission is not about sending missionaries, but about sending God truth through missionaries. INTEGRITY: Those who preach the gospel must adorn the gospel with their lives. PRACTICE: The Scripture determines strategy—proclamation, intercessory prayer, and sacrificial service.” These dear brothers in Christ, who are organizing this 2nd conference, are filled with ‘light’ and ‘heat’. I consider it to be a tremendous privilege to serve among them. Also, I will be teaching ‘The Armor of God’ series, as well as the ‘Redeemed to Worship’ series in the upcoming weeks in Florida. I am so grateful for the churches that are willing to give invitations to preach the Word, even in the midst of these pandemic conditions! Please be in prayer for these opportunities in the midst of these challenging days.