Our Lord has employed your love for others, your intercessory prayers and your financial support to accomplish His will ‘in and through this ministry’! We are so very grateful that our Heavenly Father has led you to stand with us, in prayer and support, for the extension of His Kingdom and the accomplishment of His purposes. We have seen our Omnipotent Father accomplish His mighty works in answer to the prayers of His people. You have called unto our Lord and God on our behalf. And He has shown us great and mighty things, which we did not know! He has shown Himself strong on our behalf! Your love, prayers and financial support have become the vehicle through which God has accomplished His will! “If we ask anything, according to HIS WILL, He HEARS US!” For our God always hears the prayers of His adopted children, which are voiced within the parameters of His will. Our Lord and Savior has given a promise to each of us, “Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full”. Thank you, dear friends, for all that you do to help us reach out to others, for His Name Sake.

Your Servant for Jesus Sake,

Ed Lacy