After the conclusion of the conference, I boarded a flight from Odisha to Mumbai, India. I was absolutely exhausted from the grueling pace of ‘preaching all night long’ (in America time) for the past 4 days! However, I  prayed that the Lord would open a door to testify to the person who would sit beside me during my travel.

You must remember that the chance of an unbeliever sitting next to me on this plane is 99.92%! In a few moments, a young man sat in the middle seat and immediately stuck in his earbuds. Of course, I thought to myself, “There is not going to be an opportunity to witness on this flight”. So I opened my iPad and began to read my Study Bible. But unbeknown to me, another young man who had taken the aisle seat noticed that I was reading the Word of God! He later told me, that when he saw that I was reading the Bible he said to himself, “He must be a Christian!” After studying the Word, I began reading a book by Martyn Lloyd Jones. So the young man began thinking to himself, “He’s a preacher! God has answered my prayers! He is going to help me with my evangelism!” When the plane finally landed, and we stood in the aisle, this young man asked, “ Are you a Christian?” I responded, “Yes, I am”. Then he asked, “Are you a Christian? preacher”? I said, “As a matter of fact, I am”. Then he exclaimed, “God has answered my prayer! He continued saying, “I have been converted to Christ in recent months. I live and work here in Mumbai. I  have just returned from witnessing to my beloved family. But they have all rejected the Gospel and they have officially disowned me! Also, I have been attempting to witness to people and they have all rejected the message. So I prayed to God to please send someone to teach me how to evangelize. You are God’s answer to my prayers!” God has answered my prayer!

We stood together in the baggage claim area for quite a while. I had the joy of encouraging this young believer in the faith. I also gave him all of the information about the “Christ-centered Evangelism” teachings on our website; as well as, the fact that he could download the workbook and fill it out, as he listens to the teachings. We both departed, with hearts that were overflowing with joy, because of the glorious truth that “The prayer that reached Heaven was the prayer that was initiated in Heaven”. We planned to keep in touch, as he grows in his understanding of biblical evangelism. Even yesterday, I received the great news that Bro. Bimal has begun the printing of the “Christ-centered Evangelism” Gospel tracts. He will give each one of these pastors a number of the tracts. Dianne and I are absolutely overjoyed with the blessed report that these biblical principles of evangelism are going to be multiplied in an untold number of lives. Glory to God! Please continue to pray for these precious pastors in the state of Odisha.