I am so very thankful for the Lord’s saving power, which has been mightily manifested in the conversion of a number of men in recent weeks of evangelistic outreach! My heart is presently reminded of the recent testimony of the glorious conversion of a young dad named David. During my Sunday morning sermon, He came under profound conviction of the Holy Spirit, that his previous religious experience was a counterfeit conversion! The Spirit of God worked in his heart all afternoon and into the evening that day. On that Sunday evening, I preached to the born-again believers, and the Spirit was powerfully impressing on his heart and mind that, “This message is not for you, for you need to be converted to Jesus Christ”! During the hours following the evening worship service, this young man could not eat or sleep. He heeded the Sunday morning message, and began ‘seeking the Lord while He may be found and calling on the Lord while He was near to him in conviction and contrition’. After the evening worship service, the precious pastor of that local church had taken me, along with another dear brother and sister to have an evening meal. Near the end of that meal, the pastor received a phone call. It was David calling Pastor Allen. For friends, David is the pastor’s son-in law; and he is also the adult choir director of this local church! Oh friends, that evening David announced that he was gloriously born from above! The next morning, as I was driving back to our home in Mobile, my cell-phone rang. It was David! He commenced to share his testimony of how God had just worked exceedingly and abundantly in his ‘birth from above’! Pastor Allen has since called and testified to me that there have been other men who have been converted to Christ over the last few weeks, since our time together. God is truly working far more amazingly and abundantly than we could have conceived!

I am also rejoicing over the recent meeting in Baton Rouge, LA, in which I had the tremendous privilege to preach the Word of God in a ‘joint outreach meeting’ with Foster Road Baptist Church and Providence Baptist Church. One of the many highlights of that week was the precious opportunity, which was given to me, to preach the Gospel in Angola State Penitentiary! Angola is the largest maximum-security prison in the U.S., with an acreage that is larger than Manhattan! Pastor Mike Morris, pastor of Foster Road, conducts a weekly Bible study for 30 inmates in Camp D of Angola. Bro. Mike and Bro. Phillip, pastor of Providence Baptist, arranged an outreach evening at the chapel of Camp D. They graciously invited me to be the preacher. During their previous Bible study, they had urged the 30 inmates to invite their fellow inmates to this special outreach evening. Well friends, the chapel was almost entirely packed-out with men! It was one of those times, when you could literally sense the manifest presence and power of the Spirit of God, as He was mightily applying the message of the Cross! It was a blessed joy to be able to declare ‘the only message that can grace liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound under the tyranny of sin. We believe that many men were eternally affected by the Word of God that night, which came to them in the demonstration of the Spirit’s awesome power.