As I publish this newsletter, I am only a little over a week away from my departure to preach at the 14th annual spiritual leaders conference at Kenya Ministries Training Institute in Kitale, Kenya. There will be somewhere between 650 to 700 pastors, church planters and evangelists in attendance. They will come from all over the nation of Kenya, as well as eastern Uganda. This will be another tremendous opportunity for a ‘multiplication ministry’ in the lives of untold thousands of church members; as well as, the evangelism of innumerable scores of lost and needy souls!

Brothers and sisters, your intercessory prayers and gifts are a vital part of these precious ‘open-doors of opportunity’, which our gracious God has given to this ministry. As we survey the past, especially during this season of Thanksgiving, we can truthfully testify that our loving Father has been our ‘FAITHFUL PROVIDER’. He has met every spiritual, physical and financial need in these 35 years of itinerant ministry. But friends and co-laborers, our God has ordained means by which He has supplied all of our needs. And those means involve the loving generosity of His born-again children. So as we approach the finish line of yet another year of national and international outreach, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and love to our faithful Father, and for you, our dear brothers and sisters in Christ. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward for His sufferings!