I am so grateful to report that the ‘Christ-Centered Evangelism’ study has just been translated into its 5th language in India, as well as its 11th language overall. I will soon be teaching this study to a conference of pastors from various locations in the state of Kerala, India. The conference will commence on January 15th.. Please pray for this needy preacher and each pastor who will be in attendance. Friends, Dianne and I are profoundly grateful for your love for this ministry and for us. Your continual and compassionate intercessory prayers for us; as well as, your faithful support for all of the tremendous open doors of training ministry and evangelistic opportunity to many nations is an immeasurable blessing. You are a vital part of every soul that is saved; every pastor and church planter that is trained; and every congregation who is edified, through the glorious multiplication of discipleship, which is occurring through these ‘equipping conferences’. Please continue to pray that the Word of God may run swiftly and our Savior would be magnified, through each opportunity that is ahead. As we enter into a new year, it is our prayer that you may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful unto every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God…, as we abide in Him! We love you and thank the Lord for you.