Recently, I was contacted by a dear brother in Christ, who I have been working with within a particular state in the nation of India. This servant pastor is an overseer of approximately 150 house church planters. This is the group that I was ministering to in a ‘secret conference’, which occurred at the beginning of the global pandemic. These brothers preach, teach and witness at the very risk of imprisonment and even death, for our Lord has called them to serve Him while living under the ruthless authority of a radical state government. He shared with me about an urgent need. Because of their faith, ten families had been run out of their homes and their village by religious extremists. These terrorists had literally pursued these families until they chased them into a forest. Fleeing to safety without any provisions, these Christian parents and their numerous children were in desperate need of a bore-well, for a clean water supply. Through your faithful and gracious giving, our ministry was able to provide the funding for this critical essential need. Also, we were able to give two other large gifts to a very significant ‘meal distribution and evangelistic outreach’ in another state in that same nation. They are being ravaged, once again, by a new strain of the Covid virus. Approximately 24,000 unconverted people have been fed numerous times, prayed for, and witnessed to, through this tremendous Gospel outreach. Friends, your gifts have been a vital part of this compassionate, evangelistic outreach. The leader of this outreach, who is also a close brother in the Lord, has interpreted for me on many occasions. He is one of the numerous church planters that this ministry supports monthly. He and other Christian doctors and nurses have taken this ‘crisis’ as an opportunity to do God’s work; God’s way; for God’s glory! It was such an encouragement to see Christian medical doctors, nurses, and other believers come alongside this church planter to minister to thousands of physical and spiritual needs, during this time of adversity.

Your gifts have also helped to supply a new P.A. system to a growing ‘church plant’ in South Africa. A few months ago, I taught the ‘Christ-centered Evangelism’ study to these dear church-planters and many others via Zoom and Facebook Live. In the following weeks, we learned about the glorious blessing that HeartCry Missionary Society had been the conduit to supply a much-needed building for these church planters, which will be transformed into a church building. For years, these two brothers have been faithful to preach and reach out to people in this high-crime area near Capetown. Recently, they have seen a gang leader converted to Christ, along with several others! The following are just a few words of testimony I received yesterday from one of the brothers. “Beloved, I am not sure what the Lord is busy doing, but it is mind blowing! This afternoon a woman, for whom we have been praying for years, made her way to my mom's house for prayer. My mom shared the Gospel with her and exhorted her to repent and believe. She said she wants God to save her and my mom told her that she needs to cry out to the Lord and confess her sins. She did just that. My mom said she has never seen someone change right in front of her eyes like that. This lady is in her late sixties. My mom used to tell us horror stories about her. She sold her daughter into prostitution when she was still a minor and introduced drugs to all her kids. She has been on our church prayer list for years. We buried her son who died from drugs and her boyfriend who also died from drugs. Her daughter is still a prostitute and on drugs. Please keep her in prayer and for wisdom as my mom and other sisters will disciple her. God is so gracious!” This is the third person, who has sought out our church and coming under conviction in less than two weeks.” (Mario Maneville) Dear co-laborers in Christ, our ministry has the opportunity to support one of their full-time Gospel workers, as they evangelize the lost, disciple new believers and will be actively involved in biblical counseling. We are extremely blessed to be a supporter of this thoroughly biblical and church-based ministry. Brothers and sisters, these are only a few of the numerous examples of how your faithful prayers and support are being used in the extension of the Gospel.

Additionally, I have been graced with open doors to continue to preach and teach in India and Africa through the means of Zoom and Facebook Live. Our ministry is still furnishing the funds for the workbook materials, meals, and other expenses, which are connected with these conferences. Although I long for the day, if the Lord would be so pleased, to return IN PERSON to teach these precious church planters and pastors in Kenya, South Africa, and varying different language states in India. But, I must trust in the truth that my Lord is sovereign over these present limitations for gathering assemblies of brothers within these countries. We must pray for these dear saints of God, for India is undergoing a devastating uptick of Covid. Uganda has shut down once again, and Kenya has issued new suspensions on worship gatherings in 13 hotspot counties. Please pray for all of these dear saints of God!