Ladies Retreat

The theme for the ladies retreat in Lake City focused on Returning to Your First Love. We enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship around the Word of God. As we examined what a first love relationship looks like, all were challenged to return to their first love of the Lord. Several women shared individually of being convicted about leaving their first love. Others, who had been walking in discouragement, were encouraged and renewed. In our ever increasingly busy lifestyles, weekends like this retreat are vitally important to so many. Not only is it a great time for women of all ages to come together, but it is a time to be refreshed. It offers an opportunity to not only get away from all that pulls at our affections, but enables a person to align their heart to beat passionately and purposefully for the Lord Jesus Christ.


ALABAMA - Minvale Baptist Church in Fort Payne

I also was given the blessing of teaching Christ-centered Evangelism among these precious people. It was an awesome time of ministry. When I teach this study in a Baptist church in the states, it involves 4 sessions on Sunday and 2 sessions each evening. It was quite amazing to see how “well-attended” each evening was; as well as the openness and the hunger that the congregation exhibited throughout the week. They received God’s Word with meekness and with a heart to apply His truth. They have purposed to be on mission with the Lord, and have a great desire to tell others the Good News of the gospel. Already, they have purchased hundreds of our gospel tracts to use as they “GO”. Also, one of their Bible study groups is studying through our workbook series on prayer.

FLORIDA - Olivet Baptist Church in Ocala

I have just returned from teaching my workbook study of the Beatitudes, entitled “The Key to Supreme Happiness and Spiritual Prosperity” at this wonderful church. It was a glorious time of ministry among those brothers and sisters. This study also involves 4 sessions on Sunday and 2 sessions each evening through Wednesday night. And yet, despite the era of worldly distractions and diversion that we are living in, it was wonderful to see how well attended it was every night. Every session was filled with hungry hearts, both from among the church members, as well as visitors!

MISSISSIPPI - Michael Memorial Baptist Church

Recently I had the special blessing of returning to my hometown in Mississippi to preach a series of revival messages. I have had the joy of preaching at Michael Memorial on a number of occasions, throughout the last 15 years. I have watched the Lord grow His church there in an amazing way. This church began in a small house. Although they lost a large number of people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, they are now over 400 in attendance. The Lord continues to build ‘His Church’ through the exposition and application of His Word! It is always a special joy for me to preach in this area. It offers an opportunity for many from my past, including some of my own lost family members, to once again have the opportunity to hear the same gospel message that changed my life. 

Brothers and sisters, it is such a great privilege to declare His glory among the nations. I know that these testimonies are the Lord’s doings, and it is marvelous in our eyes! It is all the results of His mighty works of grace; and it is all for His glory! We testify with the psalmist, “The Lord is great and greatly to be praised! I know that our Lord has redeemed an ignorant and arrogant rebel like me, so that I might be a small part of His great global purpose that “Jesus Christ be glorified among the nations, by doing His work; His way, for His glory”! It is my earnest prayer that each of us would make a new commitment to live our lives for the glory of God, so that the Lamb might receive the full reward for His sufferings. May each of us give our lives to fulfill the Great Commission, so that people from every tribe, every tongue and every nation might fulfill the Great Commandment.