The Lord blessed in tremendous ways, in both the ‘Christ-centered Discipleship’ conference at The Fellowship Church in Albertville, AL; as well as the teaching of ‘The Beatitudes’, at Providence Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, LA! Both conferences were extremely well attended, in spite of serious weather threats throughout both of the 2 weeks. One of many precious highlights was the conversion of a 70-year old man, whose name was George. God gave me the tremendous joy to be the ‘seed-sower of Gospel truth’ into George’s heart and mind, for two and a half hours (in my hotel lobby)! After proclaiming many truths surrounding the reality and the authentic evidences of true conversion, I urged George to seek the Lord while He may be found. Later that afternoon, He testified to his wife that he had been converted to Christ. When he shared his testimony of his “new birth” with his wife, she responded by saying, “Well George, I am lost”! She later indicated that she too had come to the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and faith. There was also another young lady who announced that she had come to Jesus on His terms! Later that evening, George courageously took the microphone and freely shared his testimony, before a rejoicing congregation. Friends, both of these churches demonstrated a tremendous hunger and teachability throughout these ‘11 session’ conferences. It is so refreshing to teach a group of believers who are hungering and thirsting for God’s Word! God also gave me the personal privilege to teach “Christ-centered Evangelism” at Friendship Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, LA.

There was a tremendous attendance for every session, even in the face of the world's big party - (The super bowl)!!! It was so encouraging to see a group of believers that are hungry for the truths of biblical evangelism! God gave us a packed church of teachable believers, for 2 solid hours of teaching every night! The Spirit of God was speaking to many of us in a powerful way! I only wish that I had more space to share about the many various ways that our Lord has worked in these last 2 months!


The morning following the conclusion of the India conference, I was scheduled to travel to the Hyderabad International Airport at 4:30 a.m, to catch my flight to London. When I entered the cab, for my 45-minute drive to the airport, I was totally exhausted. My driver that morning was named Billup. As we began our trip to the airport, Billup asked me if I was in Hyderabad on business. Of course, that opened a door for me to share about the week. Billup then responded with these words, “Jesus! I have heard the name Jesus; but I know nothing about Him. Can you tell me about ‘Christianism’?” Yes friends, that is the term he used. This man was totally a blank slate! He had never heard anything about the Lord Jesus Christ. The next 45-minutes afforded me with a precious “open door” to give an answer to Billup for the hope that is within me. Obviously, I began with ‘the Deity of Jesus Christ’ and the ramifications of His Deity. Then I moved into the truths concerning the holiness of God and the implications of His holiness. When I began to speak about the moral law of God and the sinfulness of man, I could hear Billup responding in the front seat with these words, “Oh! I am a sinner! Yes, it is true! I am a terrible sinner!” But then dear friends, I moved to the “good news of God’s tremendous provision” in the work of Jesus Christ. As I expounded and explained the glorious truths of the Cross, Billup responded with these words, “This is the most beautiful story that I have ever heard in my entire life!” I replied, “Billup, this is not a story. This is reality!” Then, I had a few moments to clearly explain the necessity and nature of genuine repentance and saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. What a precious “divine appointment” at 4:30 in the morning!