Seeing the Mighty Power of God in this Day

As I returned from this most recent 11th annual pastor’s conference in Kenya, my heart was overwhelmed with an exhilarating sense of inner joy. I rejoiced in the Lord over the truth that there were approximately 600 hungry and teachable pastors, church planters and spiritual leaders who were in attendance. It has been an incredible blessing to witness how our Lord has transformed the lives of hundreds of these men, with a tremendous “doctrinal reformation and spiritual revival”, over these last eleven years. As I gloried in the Holy Spirit’s powerful work in this most recent conference, I reflected upon the first invitation, which I received from a Minnesota mission organization in 2005. I was asked by the leaders of this ‘church planting and discipleship’ organization, to prayerfully consider a trip to Kenya, for the purpose of teaching

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The theme for this year’s conference was entitled, “Redeemed to Worship”. Much of that teaching can be found on our website at However, I also added four new sessions, which was specifically written to confront the false ‘health and wealth prosperity gospel’, which has been contaminating much of the evangelical church in Africa. Dear friends our Lord and God, once again worked mightily in the lives of those hundreds of pastors and spiritual leaders. One pastor told me that he and his wife had travelled over 1,000 kilometers on an old bus to attend the conference. 

They testified that, “we would not miss this annual conference, no matter how far that we must travel! This is God’s spiritual food for both our lives and ministry”!