As you probably remember, I was scheduled to go to India this month. Unfortunately, I am still not strong enough to travel. But, it is my joy to share with you that two of the Indian nationals, which I have had the privilege to train in the ‘Christ-centered Evangelism’ workbook, will be teaching the workbook, in my stead, in Goa and Siliguri, India. I just received a note of gratitude from Raj Eleazar, who will be teaching this study to 60 pastors in northeast India. He shares, “Thank you very much for the helping hand that your ministry has extended towards the portion of the mission work of India, which our Lord has entrusted to me. Also, my wife and I are continually praying for Bro. Ed. I Hope and pray that I will do justice with the teaching material of ‘Christ-Centered Evangelism’. I'm sincerely telling this, that I can't fill the shoes of Bro. Ed’s teaching on this subject in Siliguri. But I will assure you that I will do my best to teach the truths which my brother has poured into me. Please pray for the pastors and I continually, as I teach them this very important subject. Love and regards.

Then our dear brother Jaison Job, who is the Director of Dr. Herrod’s Bible Institute in Goa, India, will be teaching the “Christ-centered Evangelism” study to another group of 53 pastors! Our ministry will pay for the publication of the workbooks in both Siliguri and Goa, India. There will be pastors in attendance, from 14 different states of the nation of India. Of course, I will miss training and worshiping with these precious men of God.


We have just received some great news, even as I write these closing remarks of this letter. The surgeon had noticed a spot on my pancreas, during the surgery in Florida, which resulted in a temporary colostomy. Both of the wonderful doctors, who cared for me in Florida, urged me to get an endoscopic ultrasound of my pancreas, once I made sufficient recovery from the surgery. A specialist in Mobile conducted that exam a few weeks ago. We have just received the results of those biopsies’. We are so grateful to report that there is no cancer, either in the pancreas or of the esophagus. They did discover another issue upon this exam, which was the reason for the additional biopsies of the esophagus. I have been diagnosed with “Barrett’s Esophagus”. However, this is being treated with medicine; and will be examined annually, to make certain that nothing else more serious develops!

I am now at the “half-way” point to my next surgery, to re-connect the colon. This is scheduled for the first week of September. I must have this 2nd surgery before I can begin a full schedule of preaching again. But as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dianne and I have purposed to worship our Lord in this next valley of adversity. If our brother Job worshipped God and accepted adversity from our loving Father, then why shouldn’t we follow in his footsteps? For he was also a man of flesh and blood just like us. It was the all-sufficient grace of God, which enabled Job to walk through all of his adversities. That same mighty grace is available to my precious wife and I, during these difficult days. When we consider Job, we are reminded that he was given the assistance of our Lord and God, even when he did not have all of the answers to why all these things were happening in his life. And of course, we have available to us, far more illumination that Job had; for we can learn from Job’s life testimony and God’s gracious sufficiency! Our Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever. So, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the mighty grace of God, we have as our passion and purpose to continue to worship our Lord, in the valley of adversity.