As I conclude this July newsletter, I am 12 days away from another foreign mission trip to Goa, India. I will once again have the privilege to teach the “Christ-centered Evangelism” study to a new group of “Indian pastors”. This is part of a Bible Institute, which is directed by our first pastor, Dr. Ron Herrod. Please pray for this blessed opportunity to plant these vital truths into the lives of those spiritual leaders; who will multiply them into the lives of many others. Also, please pray for my physical health, during this tremendous challenge. Obviously, my body is not in the best of condition. I will need our Lord’s all sufficient grace, in both the spiritual and the physical realm. There are other new opportunities of ministry, which are opening in the nation of India. I have recently received the news that the ‘Christcentered Evangelism’ study has been translated into Orissa, (which would be the third language in India and the 10th language overall). However, with those open doors there are also many adversaries. The ruling party of Prime Minister Modi does not hide its agenda to drive out Christianity by the year 2025! There are 5 Indian states, which have already banned conversion to Christianity. Many acts of persecution are being perpetrated against believers! Please pray for the believers in India!

I had planned on completing the work on the Christ-centered Evangelism book during July. However, my illness has delayed that task a little longer, as well as having to reschedule a few meetings. Although, during my recuperation time, I was able to complete the workbook study for Kenya, entitled ‘The Life That Glorifies God’, (which is an exposition of John 15:1-8). It will soon be translated into Swahili, in preparation for the Kenya conference later this year. Dear friends, your intercessory prayers and your financial support are both an intricate part of the ministry that our Lord has graced to us. Our Good Shepherd not only blesses us with His ongoing presence; but He also promises to supply everything that we need to magnify Him, in the accomplishment of the Great Commission. However, our Lord supplies for these needs through His faithful followers, who continually express both “open hearts and open hands” to this ministry! Dianne and I want to say to you, from the depths of our hearts, “Thank You”. We know that so many of you have been praying for us and standing with us through these valleys of adversities. We are extremely grateful that He has placed you into our lives, as co-laborers with Christ. May each of us faithfully serve the One who graciously calls us to ‘abide in Him and He in us’. It is our joy to serve with you.