Even as I was writing this newsletter, I received a phone call from Bro. Jim Jordan, (the Director of The Mission of Hope here in Mobile, AL). He testified to me that one of the men, whom I had the joy of preaching to on the previous day, had publicly proclaimed his conversion to Christ. Bro. Jim had recently invited me to preach the two services on Sunday at the Mission of Hope. This is a Bible based program, which ministers to men who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The Spirit of God was mightily manifesting His presence and awesome power’ throughout both services.

The approximately 60 men, who are presently in the program of the Mission of Hope, attended the 11 a.m. Gospel preaching. Then those men, plus a large number of their family members, attended the 2:30 p.m. service! The newly renovated sanctuary was literally packed with unconverted folks, who desperately need the Lord. Oh, precious friends, I am so thankful for the obvious ‘abiding presence of the Comforter’, who was energizing and enabling this needy preacher! God graced me to proclaim, “Christ and Him crucified”, in both services. And the Spirit of the Living God visited us and accomplished what no man can do. He applied the “Gospel” in a demonstration of His miraculous and supernatural power! There is no greater joy in all of this world, than to preach the glorious Gospel to the ears of men; and then become a living witness to the miraculous power of the Gospel to transform lives! These two evangelistic outreach services were only one of the five precious opportunities that I have been given to preach the Word of God to those men since our last newsletter. Please continue to pray for the ongoing ministry at the Mission of Hope. Also, please pray for our men’s class, (headed by Herb Fisher), who has the privilege of planting the Word of God in these men, every Wednesday night!