By the year 2009, NOLA Baptist Church in Brookhaven, MS, appeared to be ready to close its doors. The Sunday morning congregation had gradually dwindled to only a small handful of attenders. However, our Lord was not finished with this country congregation. For in that very year, God called two precious disciples to pastor this local church, (Chris Sheppard and Keith Stovall). Over the following eight years, NOLA Baptist Church has continued to bear the ongoing fruit of a ‘reignited local church’; both in its quantity and quality of fruit-bearing believers! The Lord Jesus has been adding to the church, such as should be saved. He has also been drawing many young couples and families to serve the Lord at NOLA. Friends, I am a personal witness of the living reality of the ‘fire for evangelistic outreach’ which has permeated this congregation. For these two precious pastors invited me to preach an outreach meeting during the last week of April. And to my utter amazement and joy, these brothers and sisters at NOLA Baptist filled the pews with unconverted friends, relatives, workmates and acquaintances for the Sunday morning service! If that wasn’t incredible enough, the Sunday evening evangelistic outreach meeting was also absolutely filled to the brim, with even more folks! Not only did all of the church members return; also they brought a larger group of visitors. It has been a long time, since I have preached a 4-day crusade in which the believers courageously and consistently invited and brought unconverted sinners to hear the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the highlights of the week for me personally, was the tremendous privilege to witness to a young married man, (who had been attending the meeting), for nearly three hours in my hotel lobby! Brothers and sisters, I rejoice to testify to you that I have witnessed the rebirth of a church that had almost died! This country church is now “bearing much fruit” for the glory of the Lamb!