Friends, we have so much to be thankful for! The Lord has showered us with such loving kindness and strength in this valley that we have been traveling through. He once again demonstrated that, “He not only knows our needs; but He knows precisely when we need them”. During this last surgery, several of our dear friends in Lake City, which the Lord used so graciously in the May emergency, were either out of town or encountering illnesses with their family members. So this time, our great Comforter and Shepherd carried out His plan another way. As most of you probably realize, Lake City is about 5 hours away from our home in Mobile. We had to be there several days prior to the surgery, for testing and other procedures for the upcoming colostomy reversal. But the night before the surgery, we received a phone call from a friend from Mobile. She was asking what room number we were in. Then while we were still on the phone, a knock came at the door. Yes, it was two precious sisters in Christ from Mobile, at our hotel room door. They had traveled all that way to be with us for the surgery! What a sacrifice and expense for them, as well as for their spouses, whom they had left to fend for themselves at home. Additionally, as we were sitting together in the waiting room that next morning, another godly friend from Gainesville came walking down the hallway. She had taken off from her very hectic work schedule to be with us also. They were a great comfort and encouragement to both of us, in our time of need.

Then as Dianne and I recall the last 14 months, (and we are reminded that I have only been able to be involved in itinerant ministry for 4 of those months), we are absolutely astonished at the faithfulness of our Father to provide for all of our personal and ministry needs. Our God has used many of you to intercede for us, as well as being a precious channel of financial provision for our family needs and our foreign mission support. Your love, your prayers, your calls, your cards and e-mails, as well as your financial support have filled our hearts with gratitude to our God and thankfulness to you. You have stood with us and surrounded us with much love and care. We are truly blessed beyond measure. God has met all of our needs, according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. We stand in awe of our faithful Father; in adoration of our precious Savior; and in deep gratitude for our dear brother and sisters in Christ.